Suicide Squad Isekai anime will be released soon!

Ahead of DC Studios’ DC Universe reboot, it turns out that Warner Bros still has a number of other interesting projects outside of its cinematic universe. One of them is the anime series. My adventures with Superman which will soon air on the HBO channel. Now Warner Bros. has announced another series centering on the supervillain team Suicide Squad. Qualification isekai Suicide Squad, The anime-style show is the result of an ambitious collaboration between Warner Bros Japan and WIT Studio.

In Japan, WIT Studio is known as one of the currently booming Japanese animation studios because it has managed to work on several of the most popular anime in the world. Including Attack on Titan, Spy x Family, Vinland Saga, and many more. Now, through their collaboration with Warner Bros and DC, many fans are curious about the quality of the shows they will host. Specifically Isekai Suicide Squad which turned out to be directly worked on by Japanese anime filmmakers.

anime suicide squad isekai

Announcement and anime teaser Isekai Suicide Squad This was first announced by Warner Bros Japan and WIT Studios at Anime Expo 2023. As the title suggests, this time DC’s Suicide Squad members like Harley Quinn and Joker will carry out their latest adventure in Isekai, also known as another world. Currently, Isekai itself is one of the most popular anime genres, which usually tells about the drastic changes in the life of the protagonist who suddenly moves into a fantasy world full of extraordinary creatures and dangerous threats.

Although the plot is still being kept under wraps, the director has confirmed that the director will be working on this DC anime. jujutsu kaisen Eric Osada. Where the character designs, especially the members of the Suicide Squad, were worked on by Akira Amano (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) and Naoto Hosoda (mirai nikki). For the script, Isekai Suicide Squad written by Tappei Nagatsuki and Eiji Umehara, who previously worked on the popular Isekai anime titled Re:Zero – Starting life in another world. Don’t miss the soundtrack too goblin slayer Kenichiro Suehiro will provide music for this latest DC series.

According to Osada himself, the anime’s creative team Isekai Suicide Squad has received permission from DC to make the characters more unique and some of them even later able to use witchcraft. The Isekai theme and the monsters within it are enough to make this DC series worth our anticipation. Unfortunately, for now this series does not have a release schedule yet, so let’s wait for more news, geeks.

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