Starting production, here is the cast of the live-action How to Train Your Dragon!

There is good news for fans of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. The reason is that the live-action production of How to Train Your Dragon officially started recently. Later, Mason Thames and Nico Parker have been appointed as the lead actors in the live action How to Train Your Dragon. Mason Thames has been confirmed to play Hiccup, while Nico Parker will play Astrid. And so far, only the two names of the cast have just been revealed.

Mason Thames is a talented young actor who has appeared in several successful movies and series such as The Black Phone movie and Walker series. As mentioned above, Thames plays Hiccup, a boy who forges strong ties with the dragons and becomes a hero in his village. As for Astrid, who will be played by Nico Parker, she is Hiccup’s best friend and a formidable fighter.

The live action How to Train Your Dragon will bring fans back to a world filled with fantasy. It is hoped that audiences will be able to experience the magic and beauty of the human-dragon relationship that has become the hallmark of this franchise. Other than that, this movie is also expected to bring a new experience with stunning visual effects and the use of sophisticated special effects. It will be exciting to see this cast in action in the live action How to Train Your Dragon.

This film will be directed by dean deblois. He will not only direct the movie, but also write the script. Interestingly, this will be DeBlois’s directorial debut. Previously, DeBlois was only known as the writer of several well-known animated movies like Lilo & Stitch, Mulan, and many more. Universal Pictures itself has announced that the live action of How to Train Your Dragon will be released on March 14, 2025, and its premiere will not be very different from the live action of Moana.

However, we must be patient and wait for new developments. The live-action film How to Train Your Dragon will be a highly anticipated experience for loyal fans and will broaden the franchise’s appeal into new media. We will follow more news and we look forward to the presence of this film on the big screen.

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