Spider-Verse 2 Confirms MCU’s Prowler!

Loyal Marvel fans, especially Spider-Man, will know who the Prowler is. In the Marvel Comics story, the Prowler is one of Spider-Man’s nemesis, Miles Morales, who turns out to be none other than his own uncle Aaron Davis. He is also picked up in the animated franchise. spider-verse who recently released his second film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Today, one month after its premiere Spider-Verse 2 in theaters it was revealed that one of the Prowler variants in the film came from the MCU.

in one of the scenes Spider-Verse 2 where Miles has just arrived at the Spider-Society lobby, fans are shown a familiar cameo by actor Donald Glover. Where he returned to play the live action version of Aaron Davis, who was last seen in the MCU movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming. The difference is that the Glover character that appeared yesterday in the Miles Morales movie was shown to have been turned into a variant of the Marauder complete with his other supervillain guise. Now, a conceptual image Spider-Verse 2 finally confirmed that the Prowler is in fact from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

spider-verse 2 marauder

concept image Spider-Verse 2 This recently created and shared by illustrator Kristafer Anka shows Aaron Davis in a Prowler costume without a mask. This image is very similar to the final version played by Donald Glover in the film. And what is even more interesting, in the description of the image it says that he is the ‘MCU Prowler’. This has indirectly confirmed fan speculation that the character does indeed have a connection to the MCU.

If you still remember, in the MCU itself, Glover’s Aaron Davis character debuted as an ordinary human trying to commit a robbery. But in the process, Aaron’s actions were thwarted by Spider-Man Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland. Later, in a deleted scene, Aaron called Miles and confirmed his uncle-nephew relationship. Well, the appearance of him in Spider-Verse 2 proving that at some point in the timeline in the MCU he finally decided to become the supervillain Prowler.

Although the concept image Spider-Verse 2 While this new release confirms the existence of Aaron Davis as the MCU’s Prowler, we have to keep in mind that Marvel Studios hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Perhaps the origins of him as a new Prowler will happen in the future, when the live-action version of Miles also debuts in the MCU. What do you think? Let’s hope, geeks.

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