Sony announces 6 characters in Kraven the Hunter!

Production company Sony Pictures has officially announced the 6 main characters that will appear in its upcoming film project, Kraven the Hunter. Kraven the Hunter is the next film project from Sony Pictures to be released this year after the animated film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. Kraven the Hunter will be the next film that Sony presents based on the character of the villain Spider-Man after Morbius and Venom.

kraven the hunter character

The Kraven The Hunter movie itself will focus on the origin story of one of Spider-Man’s classic villains, but with a few twists. Sony Pictures released the first official trailer for the film last June and it received a lot of positive responses from fans. Then Sony officially introduced about 6 actors who will be the main actors in the Kraven the Hunter movie.

Following his role as Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He will play Sergei Kravinoff, also known as Kraven the Hunter. Although there will be some changes from the comic version, the appearance of the character he plays is very similar to the comic version. Although he lives life as a hunter, Kraven tries to live as a normal human being.

Ariana DeBose will make her stellar MCU debut as Calypso, a voodoo expert gifted with magical abilities. Calypso is also Kraven’s love interest. DeBose’s character didn’t make much of an appearance in the first trailer yesterday and many are eager to find out if her strength will be the same as the comic version.

After previously joining the MCU in Thor: Love and Thunder as Zeus, Russell Crowe will return to star in Kraven the Hunter. Russell Crowe will play the character of Nikolai Kravinoff, Kraven’s father. Nikolai will have an important role in the film. In the trailer, he teaches his son to show no mercy when hunting and this is what made Kraven who he is today.

For the first time, the Kraven the Hunter movie will feature a live-action version of the Chameleon. The character will be played by Fred Hechinger. The film will also show the relationship between Sergei Kravinoff and Dmitri Smedyakov as brother and sister. And it is interesting to wait how the collaboration between them will emerge.

Alessandro Nivola will replace actor Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Sytsevich aka Rhino who appears in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Nivola will introduce a new version of Rhino, another villainous character that will appear in the Kraven the Hunter movie. Yesterday’s trailer showed how Nivola’s version of Rhino would be different from previous versions that used technology. Nivola will undergo an evolution that will cause his body to become a rhino-like appearance.

Another villain that will be in the spotlight in Kraven the Hunter is Foreigner, played by Christopher Abott. This is Abott’s experience playing superhero characters. The alien trains to become the best martial artist and best assassin in the world, even without superpowers. It will undoubtedly be a difficult challenge for the Kraven family to conquer.

So far, only six characters have been introduced and they will have major contributions to the story. However, of course, there are many other cast members who will appear and have their own roles as well. And it is not impossible that we get some surprise at the end of the film, for example the appearance of Morbius or Venom.

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