Skull Island (2023) Review

“We are on Skull Island”, – Mike (Skull Island, 2023)

Created by Brian Duffield, skull island is the first animated project and the first television series in the MonsterVerse franchise. skull island released Thursday June 22, 2023 on Netflix. It is the fifth installment in the MonsterVerse fictional universe and media franchise.

An 8-episode fantasy series released simultaneously for Season 1. Voiced by Nicolas Cantu, Mae Whitman, Darren Barnet, Benjamin Bratt, Betty Gilpin Phil LaMarr, Fryda Wolff, and Tania Gunadi


Set on a mysterious island that is home to giant apes. A group of characters exploring treacherous terrain and fending off the dangerous creatures that inhabit the island.

Introducing a variety of interesting characters, each with their own motivation for coming to the island. Leading the ride is a former British soldier, Sam Strike.

Sam Strike plays a charismatic but troubled leader. He joins forces with journalist Emily Coutts, who is determined to find out the truth about Skull Island and what really happened there during the war.

Skull Island (2023) reviews

There is also a group of scientists who study the island’s unique ecosystem, as well as a group of mercenaries who are there to find something of value.

Introducing King Kong and other monsters

the great of skull island is that the film is not only based on King Kong to tell its story. The creatures on this island are as interesting and fascinating as the giant ape itself.

From the fearsome Death Wolves to the massive Rock Lions, this island is a dangerous place filled with all kinds of animals.

Skull Island (2023) reviews

The series does a great job of introducing each new creature and building tension as the characters battle it out.

King Kong is still the main protagonist of this event. Even though he doesn’t become the center of attention every episode, he still manages to overshadow the course of the story.

It shows the humanity in this giant ape, making it more than just a mindless monster. There are moments where we can’t help but feel sorry for Kong, especially when he gets caught up in the human drama on the island.

Skull Island (2023) reviews

The story itself is quite entertaining, the ending really makes us want to stay connected to the next season.

It is the second half of the series that is the problem. The good world building doesn’t make up for the irritating dialogue and unlikable characters.

In a typical kaiju movie, they’re easy to forget because most of the attention goes to the big men. But here, humans are the main focus for six full episodes, putting the most interesting parts of the show on the back burner.

Impeccable production for a mysterious island

skull island review (2023) 3

The show also benefits from great production values. The island is beautifully realized, with stunning visual effects that bring the creatures and their environment to life.

The action is thrilling, with expertly choreographed fight scenes and thrilling escapes. The show’s score is also noteworthy, with a bombastic soundtrack that perfectly captures the epic scope of the story.

The animation is also very well drawn. The style is somewhat reminiscent of 90s children’s cartoons, but executed in more detail.

The plugin is suitable for all ages.

Skull Island (2023) reviews

The dialogue is a bit cartoony, a bit cheesy. The trailer and the theme made a different impression on me. The characters’ reactions are interpreted for comedy, even in the face of terrifying situations.

This prevents us from connecting with their emotional reality. So the characters feel like they’re two-dimensional,


skull island review (2023) 2

Overall, the Skull Island series is quite entertaining as it expands on the Monsterverse. It didn’t really do anything new, and it didn’t do a great job of getting us invested in the characters.

However, in skull island this is how things change. Whether it’s a dinosaur apocalypse, a place where gigantic creatures alternately evolve over the years, as the MonsterVerse says, a tropical hideout connected to some kind of portal to Earth.

skull island it’s like a place of contemplation of misdirected human greed and ambition, powerless in a place where the “beauty and horror” of nature is limited only by the creativity of filmmakers.

Director: Brian Duffield

Cast: Nicolas Cantu, Mae Whitman, Darren Barnet, Benjamin Bratt, Betty Gilpin Phil LaMarr, Fryda Wolff, Tania Gunadi,

Episodes: 8

Score: 7.2/10



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