Shiba Inu-Barbie Crossbreed Meme Coin Shibie is Going Viral – How High Will New Cryptocurrency $SHIBIE Price Pump?

shibie meme coin presale

As the new smash hit Hollywood blockbuster Barbie crushes records at the box office; the crypto industry is taking notice – meet Shibie coin.

A quick-footed savvy team of meme coin degens has come up with a genius idea for a viral token.

By combining Barbie, one of the world’s most trending themes, with Shiba Inu, the dog that inspired the crypto market’s top two meme coins, the team has created Shibie Coin.

For sure, Shibie has got a pretty good ring to it, so expect this sassy mutt to be best-of-breed.

“This Shiba Inu-Barbie crossbreed is the prancing, panting, and downright provocative queen of the crypto world,” says the Shibie website.

Shibie Presale Will Sellout Fast –  Low-Cap Meme Coin Price to Explode at Listing 

After a stealth teaser, the Shibie presale is live, and the tokens are priced at $0.000167. But there’s no time to hang around because the presale will be short and sweet, as there is only $999,999 to be raised. 

Eight days are set aside for the presale, so make your buying decision sooner rather than later.

Make sure to follow Shibie Coin on Twitter and join its official Telegram channel to avoid missing out on any crucial presale-related updates and the all-important decentralized exchange listing date. 

A centralized exchange (CEX) listing is also planned.

How High Can the $SHIBIE Price Pump – 1,000x Gains?

Shibie Coin is selling a generous 60% of its token supply in its $999,999 presale that prices each token at a tiny $0.000167.

That’s a minimal raise total compared to most other Web3 presales and could sell out quickly.

The presale values $SHIBIE at a modest $2.5 million, which means this low-cap coin provides plenty of room for the price to explode.

PEPE coin minted countless millionaires when it launched in April this year. 

Even its imitators, such as PEPE2.0, have delivered fortunes for their buyers. PEPE2.0 returned 20,635% for those who bought in at its listing price.

On that basis alone, expect $SHIBIE to blow the lights out with 1,000x gains or more.

And Shibie Coin certainly has the formula for virality and an explosive pump.

The token’s magic lies within its ability to capture the whimsical charm of a Shiba Inu and blend it seamlessly with Barbie’s iconic allure, all within a single token.

A playful fusion of two cultural icons, this captivating meme token is set to break boundaries in the crypto world.

Shibie is Targeting DEX and CEX Launches

Twenty percent of the $SHIBIE token supply is dedicated to DEX liquidity, which should ensure smooth trading conditions upon its initial launch.

A further 10% is allocated to centralized exchange (CEX) liquidity.

That reflects the fact that Shibie’s team is looking to go well beyond the DEX with strategic CEX listings to widen $SHIBIE’s availability and foster a diverse and inclusive community.

Don’t miss out on the presale and get stuck paying a much higher price for the coin on a DEX or CEX.

Shibie whitepaper – learn more here

Shibie Has a Massive Marketing Drive Incoming

The final 20% of $SHIBIE supply is going to marketing, which means we can expect a substantial publicity blitz to ride the Barbie wave.

Also, the token has no insider or team allocation largesse that could result in massive token dumps down the line.

The entire non-presale supply is highly focused on ensuring smooth trading conditions via plentiful liquidity and clever marketing so that crypto Twitter and YouTube are singing to Shibie’s tune.

Meme coin degens can soon expect to see Shibie Coin plastered all over crypto media.

That’s because Shibie has promised “marketing, marketing, and more marketing” in its roadmap, which can be found in the project’s Whitepaper.

The team will likely reach out to influencers who will then promote the token across Twitter, YouTube, and various Telegram/Discord trading groups. At the same time, media partnerships will likely see Shibie featured widely across crypto news sites.

And with Shibie riding the duals waves of Barbie and the Shiba Inu meme coin’s virality, expect the project’s marketing efforts to yield rapid success.

Expect CEX listings to follow shortly after the initial DEX launch.

Shibie – Artificial Intelligence-powered Bot in the Works

Unlike most other shitcoin’s out there, Shibie is also working to provide utility to its community of Barbie, Shiba Inu, and crypto fans.

The team plans to launch an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Shibie bot on Telegram.

Per the project, users can “engage in playful banter and fetch fun insights about Shibie, all through the convenience of your favorite messaging platform!”

Indeed, this is a meme coin presale to take advantage of.

If you haven’t already, follow Shibie Coin on Twitter and Telegram and switch notifications so you will be the first to know when the presale launch date is set.

Finally, as noted by the Shibie team on their website, “Shibie may be a fun and frisky mutt, but investing in cryptocurrency comes with real risks.”

“Make sure to do your research and never invest more than you can afford to lose. Even Shibie knows not to chase after a car she can’t catch!”

Visit the Shibie website

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.