Secret Invasion Episode 5, Who does Fury contact?

Who is the mysterious figure Nick Fury contacted yesterday at the end of the story in Secret Invasion Episode 5? Nick Fury’s current condition is becoming more dire with the various plans Gravik has hatched in the Secret Invasion series. In episode 3 we saw how Gravik almost started the third world war by destroying a United Nations plane.

In episode 4, Gravik later attacks the Ritson president while he is in England. In fact, this episode showed how Talos finally had to die as a result of being finished off by Gravik. And in yesterday’s episode 5, Nick Fury finally had to comply with Gravik’s request. However, at the end of the episode, Nick appears to be calling out to a mysterious figure. Who is this mysterious figure that Nick contacted?

melinda may

The first possibility of a mysterious figure Nick Fury contacts in Secret Invasion episode 5 is Melinda May. Some geeks may already be familiar with the figure of Melinda May. She is a SHIELD agent and former partner of Nick Fury and Phil Coulson. Melinda May, who Fury contacted in episode 5, may not be without reason.

secret invasion fury

Since the beginning of the series, many fans have predicted that the character of Melinda May will make a reappearance, especially in the Secret Invasion series. This rumor arose after one of the images of the Secret Invasion promotion in the United Kingdom presented one of the scenes that hinted at her appearance. In the footage, Nick Fury can be seen again wearing his signature cape and a blindfold.

This is in line with what was featured at the end of Secret Invasion Episode 5 yesterday. And the most obvious thing is that there is a voice that says that “the cavalry (for Nick Fury) will arrive soon”. The Cavalry, also known as the Cavalry itself, is Agent May’s nickname when she was a part of SHIELD agent, so it makes sense that a theory later surfaced that Agent May was the mystery figure Nick was with. Fury got in touch yesterday on episode 5 of Secret Invasion. And Marvel itself is no stranger to dropping hints through small details like that at the appearance of a major figure.

carol danvers

Besides Melinda May, another possible mystery figure that Nick Fury has come in contact with is Carol Danvers. Nick Fury and Carol have a good relationship for a long time, they even have a good relationship with Talos. The good relationship they have maintained for more than decades. This became one of the logical reasons why Nick contacted Carol Danvers.

secret invasion fury

In yesterday’s episode 5, Nick Fury made it clear to Sonya Falsworth that he would not involve the Avengers in this matter. After all, everything that happened was his fault. However, the way Nick Fury turned to Carol for help was of a different nature. Nick contacted Carol not as a member of the Avengers, but as a partner.

On the other hand, the reason why Nick Fury contacted Carol Danvers also makes sense because he will be facing a strong enemy. That is, the weapons that she has alone will not be enough, and they will need additional power. Also, if Gravik later breaks his promise and fires a nuke at the new Skrullos in Russia, then Carol will be the first to stop the nuke.


Gravik is also a plausible character that Nick Fury comes into contact with. In recent episodes, Gravik has always been in contact with Nick Fury to follow all his orders and wishes. He even contacted his subordinates posing as Rhodey. Since Secret Invasion was so close to the story when it opened, Nick might want to wrap things up.

That was the reason why Nick went back to Finland with Sonya Falsworth and took ‘The Harvest’ which Gravik wanted. Nick Fury then delivered a short sentence in the last scene of episode 5, namely, “It’s time. Let’s finish everything.” Nick may not have a choice, though he’s still trying to figure out how to stop it all.

Monica Rambeau

In addition to the above names, there are also other possibilities regarding the mysterious figure Fury made contact with. One of the most interesting is Monica Rambeau. The current status of Monica Rambeau herself is still unknown. However, from the trailer for The Marvels it is known that she is with Nick Fury on SWORD’s space station.

On the other hand, Nick Fury will also appear in The Marvels and will work with Monica and Carol Danvers. This means there’s a chance that Nick Fury could turn to another hero whose name isn’t quite as big as the Avengers for help. And considering The Marvels is Marvel Studios’ next project, it’s not impossible for Monica Rambeau to appear as a “warm-up” before taking on a full role in The Marvels.

By the end of the Secret Invasion season premiere, Nick Fury was at a real disadvantage. He must rely on his comrades that he can trust to help him deal with Gravik and his threats. And it’s likely that one of the names above will show up and respond to Nick Fury’s request for help.

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