Sarada becomes the new Akatsuki in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex!

Sarada Uchiha is likely to become a new Akatsuki figure that will have a big impact on the story of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. The Boruto manga is currently on hiatus since last April and will only come back in August. Boruto’s previous story was closed in chapter 80, where Boruto and Kawaki finally exchanged lives thanks to the help of Eida’s power.

In that chapter, it was also shown how Sarada Uchiha became one of the characters that was not affected by Eida’s power. He then asked his father, Sasuke, to save Boruto from all the misunderstandings that were going on. Boruto: Two Blue Vortex will introduce the story of the Boruto characters after the timeskip. And the interesting thing is that there is a possibility of Sarada becoming the new Akatsuki in the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex story.

Akatsuki in the Naruto franchise

Akatsuki is a group originally formed by Yahiko with Nagato and also Konan from the village of Amegakure. This group was deliberately formed to become a place of resistance for Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato as they faced the war that took place in the village. They are trying to make peace and stop the fighting in their village.

sarada uchiha boruto

However, the leader at the time, Hanzo Salamander, actually worked together with Danzo to finish off Yahiko. He was concerned that the Akatsuki’s position would threaten his existence as the leader of the village of Amegakure. Long story short, in the end, Akatsuki was no longer active before Pain rebuilt Akatsuki with a different goal than before, namely to reunite the Bijuu.

The existence of the Akatsuki in the Naruto story really has a very big influence, regardless of whether they are a group of villains. An example is how Akatsuki managed to kill Asuma and also Jiraiya. The extraordinary thing is that, apart from the world of Naruto, Akatsuki is a popular and influential group of villains in the anime world even today.

Sarada Uchiha becomes the new Akatsuki

It should be noted that in this case Sarada Uchiha is not a new member of Akatsuki. However, his role in the story of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex will be just as important and influential as Akatsuki’s. This builds on the clue of the new clothes he wore for the post-timeskip story, where it appears Sarada has undergone drastic changes.

From the initial information that is already known, it is shown that Sarada’s appearance after the timeskip will be very different where she looks more mature. And the interesting thing is that the clothes Sarada wears resemble the clothes worn by the members of the Akatsuki group. Sarada appears to be wearing a black collared dress with a red line, which has the same pattern and style as Akatsuki’s clothing.

This has led to speculation among fans that Sarada’s post-timeskip outfit might be inspired by the clothing the Akatsuki wears. And as mentioned above, Akatsuki is the most influential group in the world of Naruto. Based on this, fans suspect that Sarada will have an important and influential moment in the story of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex.

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However, what important moments will Sarada show? Seeing Sarada’s appearance, that she is much more confident, it is likely that she has been training very hard. Sarada deliberately trains herself to save Boruto, who is “slandered” as a murderer by Naruto and is considered a Kawaki. Sarada wants everything to go back to the way it was before.

Until now, Sarada Uchiha has rarely been shown to be involved in big moments. It is known that Sarada was only involved in a few moments that were quite influential, such as when she faced Boro and also the moments before the timeskip. Sarada is also known to have awakened several tomoe in her Sharingan eye, which has made fans curious about the increased strength of Sarada’s Doujutsu.

So in conclusion, Sarada Uchiha after the timeskip will likely have a huge influence and impact on the continuation of the Boruto story. One of the things that could happen is how Sarada will try to save Boruto from what is happening right now. Will Sarada be an equal opponent for Eida? Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter, Geeks!

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