SAFU Surges 30,000% in 24 Hours, But Crypto Experts Are Hoarding This Lesser-Known Meme Coin: $15 Million Already Raised

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In the latest overnight sensation, SAFU, the new meme coin on the block, skyrocketed 30,000% in just 6 hours, as high-risk DEX traders raced to mount the moonshot.

The SAFU coin meme is a reference to Changpeng Zhao’s (the industrious founder of Binance) famous “funds are SAFU” statement.

TO $180k sudden entry in volume in the early hours of this morning fueled some explosive price action, as SAFU broke out from a low of $0.0sixteen4323 launch price.


In a matter of hours and just over 500 trades, SAFU skyrocketed to hit a whopping $0.001101 in an impressive +30,000% move.

However, as the saying goes: all good things must come to an end.

And like many short-lived meme coins, SAFU has already entered a major retracement pattern as newly minted millionaires lock in their new gains.

With forks in a mess, many are now scrambling to figure out the next moonshot, with reverence for coins with long-term value storage such as DOGE and SHIB.

One such meme coin, which is gaining ground among eagle-eyed investors, is Wall Street Memes.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

Source / Wall Street Memes

Kicking up a storm in the meme coin markets, the pre-sale of the Wall Street Memes $WSM token reached a whopping $15 million.

Born out of a 2021 rebellion against Wall Street, this meme coin is anticipated to be the crypto community’s new darling ahead of the release of a highly anticipated roadmap.

What’s so awesome about $WSM? It’s not just another meme coin.

The Wall Street Memes team knows the game inside out, as evidenced by their track record of lightning-fast asset launch sales, an enthusiastic and strong community of one million, and a successful pre-sale that surpasses their own record. , the potential of $WSM is very high. .

The price of the token, currently at $0.0316, will increase once the presale reaches $15.44 million.

If you are looking for a promising small cap meme coin, now is the perfect time to jump on the $WSM rocket.

In keeping with its roots, Wall Street Memes guarantees fair play: with no private sales or team assignments, the power rests solely with the community, which owns the entire supply of $WSM.

This is truly the tokenization of a rebellion, free from a world of bombs and direct-to-DEX downloads.

With the strength of the community and a committed online presence, $WSM could be the next big thing as it rivals Pepe, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin.

So the message is clear: don’t miss this opportunity: the king of stonks is fast becoming the king of meme coins.

Do not miss this photo of the moon.

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