Rote Island Women Presents Special Holiday Screening

The film Women of Rote Island has successfully presented a special screening with prominent Indonesian figures.

Cinema’s Light Star and Cinema’s Bright Sky stage special screening for his debut feature titled Women of the island of Rote on Saturday, July 15, 2023 (07/15). Without hesitation, the event was even attended by several important Indonesian figures, as well as filmmakers who have been in show business for a long time.

thematic fancy black, Special Screening Women of Rote Island in the XXI cinema of the city of Senayan, it was very lively, and also received the support of the commercial center of the city of Senayan.

In addition to the crew and cast, the special screening of the film Women of the island of Rote The national figure Anas Urbaningrum, well-known filmmakers, also attended the Special Personnel for the Protection of Women and Children of Indonesia (PPAI).

According to representatives of the Protection of Women and Children (PPAI), this film has opened an iceberg of sexual violence that has been equated to an iceberg phenomenon.

“Much of the sexual violence, as stated above, is actually perpetrated by those closest to them, by their families, in the home, which should be a safe and comfortable place for women and children. But this film actually shows that sexual violence can happen anywhere, at any time, by anyone and against anyone. We have to dismantle this block of ice, and this film is one of those that has dismantled it,” said the representative of the Special Personnel for the Protection of Women and Children (PPAI).

“This film is brought to you by a dedicated production team, with a very talented cast. Starting with Irma Rihi, Linda Adoe, Sallum Ratu and Van Jhoov, they play an important role in bringing these characters to life and delivering extraordinary performances,” said Jeremias Nyangoen, the talented director behind this film.

“At Rote Island Women, we strive to deliver strong messages about sexual violence against women. We believe this story will inspire and move audiences from all walks of life.” she added.

At the Special Screening of films Women of the island of RoteMr. Anas Urbaningrum congratulated the film Women of Rote Island.

“In my opinion, this film is well made and the message is very strong, because it is far from reality. This film reminds all of us, especially those in authority, to take this issue of violence seriously.”

Inspired by stories close to everyday life, Women of the island of Rote tells the story of the rampant cases of violence against women that still occur today. Various campaigns have been expressed, but the number of cases has not stopped.

Therefore, production companies Bintang Cahaya Cinema and Langit Terang Sinema are here to give voice to the ‘Stop Violence’ campaign by incorporating ideas and creativity into films. Women of the island of Rote.

“Sexual violence is very bad, through this film we have voices. Stop sexual violence and combat sexual violence. Hopefully this film can be useful for everyone,” said the producer. Women of the island of RoteRizka Shakira.

look forward to movies Women of the island of Rote soon in Indonesian theaters.

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