Roman Reigns sets a new WWE record!

Roman Reigns doesn’t seem to have stopped breaking records in WWE after breaking another. The name Roman Reigns is certainly no stranger to WWE geeks. He is one of the most popular and decorated wrestlers in WWE. And what’s also interesting is that Roman Reigns broke many WWE records, something that rarely happens or other wrestlers rarely do.

Speaking of records, the undefeated WWE Universal Champion broke another record. He became a longtime WWE champion, even beating legendary wrestlers like Hulk Hogan. Roman Reigns is known to have successfully held the WWE Champion title for over a thousand consecutive days last May. This just happened again after decades ago.

Roman Reigns’ record was recorded to have surpassed the all-time record held by Pedro Morales, who was the fifth-longest reigning WWE Champion title holder with a total of 1027 days. According to notes by Reddit user TheLoneWolf527 and a report by sesscoops, Roman Reigns currently sits in fourth place as the longest-reigning WWE Champion in history. Other longer-lasting record holders include Hulk Hogan, Bob Backlund, and Bruno Sammartino.

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Roman Reigns managed to become WWE Champion for a total of 1,042 days. The interesting thing is that technically, Roman is in third place for this record. Hulk Hogan holds an undefeated championship record of 1474 days, but Hulk’s record of becoming WWF champion was recorded just 1041 days after the start of the first WrestleMania in 1985. This is why Roman now holds the Longest title in the WrestleMania era.

Aside from Roman Reigns, who managed to set a record for the longest championship, Roman has only defended his championship title five times since the start of 2023. This is in contrast to Seth Rollins, who has defended his World Heavyweight Championship title 12 times. even though he only got the title. title last May. Seth Rollins himself does not care that many compare him to Roman Reigns.

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