Robby Ertanto Works on Witchcraft Young Wives Movie Remake

In mid-2023, Falcon Pictures will release a horror film for the first time, titled Witchcraft for a Young Wife. Robby Ertanto will act as director.

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There is good news for those of you who have seen old horror movies. witchcraft young wifebecause this year Falcon Picturesredoes The film was directed by Robby Ertanto. The script for this film was written by Alim Sudio and Titien Wattimena.

Falcon Pictures producer Frederica revealed the reason whyredoes this movie, one of the reasons is because this movie has a strong story.

“The development of this witchcraft has been going on for 2 years, because initially we tried to restore the original witchcraft movie to the sequel because of the witchcraft. That’s why we see the potential for an interesting story and want to remake it to the current version with a modern
Then, as for the actors who are more contemporary, we all know that the story has an interesting combination, starting from the horror actor, so the story is very strong and can become an extraordinary movie in theaters later on.” said.

Meanwhile, Robby Ertanto revealed that he would be bringing a movie. witchcraft young wife update, pouring contemporary aspects.

“Although it was made in 1977, the theme will last forever, I think it is still up to date, yes, because the wife is young.
Yes, we make it contemporary, which is the cause and effect of how strong the relationship will be in the actor’s drama. The interesting thing here is that everything is on a higher level. So the horror of this young wife’s witchcraft, it’s really like being artificial isn’t exaggerated, but really upgraded.”

Lulu Tobing, who plays the character of Vivian, revealed that she had declined to act in this film. The reason is that the horror genre is what he usually avoids. Also, she doesn’t follow horror movies either because she doesn’t like them.

“I was told that this movie is elegantly packaged and that the horror is different than before. I also want to acquire new knowledge by trying something new. If they promise you a production as good as it is, why not, that’s why I’m willing to accept and be grateful that this is a good decision.”

Senior actor, Anjasmara, who also joined the production process, stated that in this film he plays a figure that represents men.

“I represent men in general, generally men have wealth, thrones, at the end are women and generally because of women. I play that character to remind everyone that we can be better human beings than before.”

On top of that, there’s actor Donny Damara who admits he had a hard time playing one of the characters in this movie. Also, the backstory is like the government era.

“The story of Witchcraft Young Wife is worked in a modern way. My role is the same as in the era of the old government, there was someone who advised me, whether it was a religious adviser.
By the way, I was entrusted with the role of a spiritual adviser in this film, and indeed in its current form. The difficulty is trying not to touch one or the other religion.”

Meanwhile, Happy Salma was also happy to be involved in the movie. witchcraft young wife.

“I’m sure I’m happy because this is like a reunion. Here I play the role of a shaman. The interesting thing about my role is that I don’t look like a shaman. Although I am a shaman.”

In addition to Lulu Tobing, Anjasmara, Happy Salma and Donny Damara, other players joined, including Carissa Perusset, Abidzar, TJ Ruth, Elang El Gibran, Fergie Brittany and Ara Ajisiwi.

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