Resident Evil: Island of Death (2023) review

“I found the connection between the people who were infected, they all visited Alcatraz”, – Professor Rebecca Chambers (Resident Evil: Island of Death, 2023)

We have just arrived one of the new Resident Evil animated franchises titled Resident Evil: Island of Death.

This movie is the latest action horror animated film set in the same universe as the Resident Evil video game. Resident Evil: Island of Death is the fifth film in the Resident Evil animated series after Resident Evil: Vendetta which premiered in 2017 and is a miniseries Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness which will be released in 2021.

According to its developer, Capcom, Resident Evil: Island of Death will take place in 2015. In this way, it places this film after the fact resident Evil 6 (established in 2013) and Resident Evil: Vendetta (set in 2014), just before Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (which is established in 2017).

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Set in San Francisco, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield now face a zombie outbreak and a new T-Virus, while DSO Agent Leon S. Kennedy has his own mission to rescue DARPA scientist Dr. Antonio Taylor. out of the hands of their captors, but the mission is thwarted when a mysterious woman thwarts their pursuit.

Meanwhile, Claire Redfield investigates a mysterious creature killing whales in San Francisco Bay, where the cause cannot be identified. Upon investigation, Rebecca discovered that the virus that killed the fish was similar to other viruses that had recently emerged.

Later, Jill, Chris, and their scientist friend, Rebecca Chambers, join Leon and Claire to discover that the only thing the survivors have in common is that they all recently visited Alcatraz Island.

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Eventually Leon, Claire, Jill, and Chris arrived on the island on a tour boat, while Rebecca followed them later to do her antivirus.

The four are shocked that the legendary prison has become a terrifying experimental site for a new bioweapon they have never seen before. Did the four manage to escape from prison? And who is his main enemy now?

Unite all the main characters.

This is the first time we’ve seen all the main characters in one movie. They are usually counted separately from each other. Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy are finally on the same screen after a long time, as are Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

All Resident Evil fans must be very happy to see all five of these characters in one movie. All of these characters have their own fan base and it’s fun to see them all in the same frame.

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Many media say that this movie is like watching the Resident Evil version of the Avengers assembled for a very tough mission. Is it really that hard for them to face, that the five of them have to come together in one movie?

The main plot is easy to guess.

As for the story itself, we can already see that the plot of this movie is too predictable. It is clear from the title alone and the trailer that shows that it will all lead to the former Alcatraz prison, which is now a tourist attraction.

However, what is interesting is who is behind it all. In the end, a character who used to be an ex-Umbrella troop became depressed when he saw his friends killed by the virus and took revenge by kidnapping Dr. Antonio Taylor to develop a new, deadlier, never-before-seen variant.

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The exposure of the villain is also explained very clearly and we will see the red thread of this film with the previous film, Resident Evil: Vendetta through a companion character to his main enemy.

The action scenes are more intense and the plot is not boring.

Death Island is not only based on fighting zombies and other big monsters, but also has interesting and exciting action scenes. The motorcycle chase scene in which León chases the kidnapper is quite good, although it is reminiscent of the movie. the matrix reloadedbut for the animated version, this scene is very smooth CGI.

Likewise, the scenes in prison where the actions are very tense. All these scenes are juxtaposed with a much more interesting score than Resident Evil: Vendetta.

We will also see the characters Jill and Chris get a bit more screen time than the other characters, because at the beginning of the movie, Jill is a bit down due to her past experiences being brainwashed by Wesker and tends to get emotional.

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This caused Chris to give Jill a lot of advice. The rest, when they are together, we will continue to see them all together on the same screen.


Resident Evil: Island of Death Arguably the best in the Resident Evil animated franchise right now. Although the plot is too ordinary, the story is interesting to follow and not boring.

Character depth is also more detailed, especially from the enemy side. We also see a lot of action scenes in which the settings are also among the best in the entire franchise, especially for the score, which is now worked on more seriously than in the previous film.

Director: Eiichiro Hasumi

Cast: Kevin Dorman, Matthew Mercer, Nicole Tompkins, Erin Cahill, Stephanie Panisello, Salli Saffioti

Duration: 87 minutes

Score: 7.2/10


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