Reasons Revealed to Retire Batman Keaton in The Flash!

Flash is faring less fortunate. The film was initially predicted to achieve huge box office success, but in fact the sales figures fell far short of the predictions. As a result, the film had to be pulled from theaters just a month after its release. There’s good news for fans though, because The Flash has just been released digitally to download or watch on demand at home. In The Flash, Michael Keaton returns as Batman.

Batman is also the new mentor of Barry Allen/The Flash. Now, interestingly, it is said that Bruce Wayne had retired as Batman when he first appeared in his movie. But unfortunately, the reasons for Batman’s retirement are not clearly explained. Now several scenes that were previously cut from the theatrical version are starting to play out. One of the scenes reveals the reason behind the removal of Keaton’s version of Batman.

In the deleted scene, Barry 2 (Barry Allen from the alternate reality) reveals that Batman decided to retire for killing a criminal in front of a child, similar to how Bruce Wayne had to watch his parents die as a child. It was this tragic event that brought about great changes in the life of Bruce Wayne.

And although Bruce Wayne had retired as Batman, he later met with Barry Allen, who was finally able to convince Bruce Wayne to become Batman again and save the world. Finally, Bruce Wayne is willing to make heroic sacrifices to defeat the evil General Zod, who invaded Earth with his troops. But after all the efforts made, Barry Allen couldn’t stop Bruce Wayne from dying.

After DC Studios takes the DCU in a new direction, it’s unlikely we’ll see Michael Keaton’s Batman again. Now DC Studios will focus on the Batman played by a new actor, who will appear in the movie The Brave and the Bold. Let’s see, geeks, who are the lucky actors who will play this new Batman.

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