Producer Describes Crossover Transformers And GI Joe!

In an interview with one shot newsproducer of Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Lawrence of Bonaventure talks about the meeting between GI Joe at the end of the movie. Bonaventure stated that G.I. Joe would enter the world of the Transformers and emphasized that the team would be part of what was to come next for the Autobots and other robotic factions.

“For me, there’s nothing that I see as the universe, I see it as a story and (the GI Joes) are going to be a part of that story. I also think the term ‘crossover’ means different things to different people. To me, the Joes (GI Joes), whoever they are, will be entering the world of Transformers, not combining the two worlds. The plan is to eventually do (a crossover). But, for the next movie, Joe’s appearance in Rise of the Beasts has made us believe it could happen.”

When asked if the Transformers and GI Joe characters would interact, the Transformers producer confirmed that they would interact later and that they would form a team where Transformers and humans would work together. “Of course, they will interact. Although we have not fully developed the scenario yet. All I can say is that like any other movie, there will be a team of Transformers and humans fighting together. The Joes will be a part of that.”

The leak given by the Transformers producer certainly has Transformers and GI Joe fans excited for the epic meeting between these two iconic franchises. And Bonaventure also emphasized that there would be a good handling of the story and not just a forced merging of the two worlds.

Of note, there’s no telling when we’ll see Transformers and GI Joe in action, considering Transformers: Rise of the Beasts released some time ago. It seems that there will still be enough for this crossover to become a reality. We are awaiting further information on the progress of this crossover project and hope to see some amazing Transformers and GI Joe crossover action in the near future.

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