Peaky Blinders movie will be made for sure!

Inspired by a true story, Peaky Blinders is one of the BBC series that is also aired on Netflix and is very popular all over the world. Released in 2013, this series created by Steven Knight has been running for six seasons, in which most of the stories focus on crime boss Tom Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy. Even though the sixth series ended last year, according to Knight, the franchise isn’t done yet because it still has pinoffs and movies. Peaky Blinders what will come.

by the history Peaky Blinders itself being drawn from a true event involving a notorious gang in post-World War I Birmingham, it’s no surprise that the source material the franchise can pull up is still quite rich. According to the original story, although the Peaky Blinders gang disappeared in the 1920s, shortly after the Birmingham Boys gang took control of the city, their name was still known until the start of World War II at the end of the decade. from 1930. This means that the disappear and be remembered story from Peaky Blinders is very likely to be used as a premise for an upcoming film.

Peaky Blinders Movie

Good news, creators. Peaky Blinders Steven Knight has just confirmed that instead of working on a seventh season, the franchise will be bringing a movie or even a spin-off to fans around the world. He just made this statement when he received the ‘Best Drama’ award at the TRIC Awards. According to him, he and the Peaky Blinders creative team are currently developing a secret project that they will announce sooner or later.

Although Knight has kept details of the project under wraps, he has once again emphasized that his flagship series isn’t over. “We could never have predicted how much resonance this show about Birmingham gangsters in the ’20s and ’30s would resonate with. Some things just seem to get momentum and luck, where they stay, and everyone who works on them feels that too. What happens next? we will announce soon.What is clear is that this is not the end of everything. he said.

It is not easy to imagine what will happen next in the film. Peaky Blinders, especially those directly related to the main character Tommy Shelby. But if Knight wants to, it’s not impossible that the story will then tie in with Ada Shelby trying to make a career in politics, or Duke and Isaiah continuing on with their gang. Since the movie project has just been announced, let’s wait for more news, ok geeks.

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