Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson to star in Lips Like Sugar

Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson will star in the crime thriller Lips Like Sugar with Brantley Gutierrez directing.

A director who frequently handles music videos and wins Grammy Awards, Brantley Gutierrez will now go even further by directing feature films. Gutierrez’s portfolio includes directing music videos for Paul McCartney and Tom Petty.

Later, Woody Harrelson will have a role in this film, also co-produced with Brantley Gutiérrez, and Anthony Tambakis will act as a screenwriter.

So far, aside from Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson, there have been no other official casting announcements, but with production starting later this year, more cast members will be announced soon.

lips like sugar will be set in 1984 during the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California. The plot of the story is taken from a true story, following the life story of two teenagers from two different backgrounds and living in West Los Angeles.

When one of the two girls goes missing, her father, a retired police detective, teams up to solve the mystery and find her.

The two main actors, Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson, were last involved in the same film project in 2017 in the comedy-drama film. lost in london which are also taken from real events.

Woody Harrelson has been known for taking on film and television roles of various genres throughout his career spanning drama, action, and comedy. Last year he played many roles in comedy-themed movies, Triangle of Sadness and The Man from Toronto.

In addition to being busy with this film, he is simultaneously involved in another film project titled Artemis Projecta 1960s space race drama film starring Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum and Ray Romano.

Meanwhile, her co-star, Owen Wilson, is also currently involved in a reboot of the Disney movie, Haunted Mansion and will reappear in a Disney series, Loki.

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