Oppenheimer banned in Japan!

According to reports, Christopher Nolan’s latest film to be released soon, Oppenheimer, has to be banned in Japan. Oppenheimer is one of the most anticipated films by moviegoers around the world. Airing on July 19, Oppenheimer is a biopic that tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer. He was a physicist and atomist who made the atomic bomb.

Apart from the star-studded story and movie, Christopher Nolan’s name is also one of the other reasons why this movie is one of the most anticipated. However, a recent report surfaced where Oppenheimer’s film was banned or banned from showing in Japan. Until now, there has been no official reason why Oppenheimer’s film has been banned in Japan.

Even so, this is possibly related to a terrible event that occurred 78 years ago. As we know, in 1944, Japan had to experience extraordinary destruction after the United States attacked the country with an atomic bomb. The United States attacked two areas, namely Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As a result of this, hundreds of thousands of Japanese died, and finally Japan had to admit defeat in the war at that time.

oppenhimer banned in japanWhat’s interesting is that Universal has yet to determine when Oppenheimer’s film will be shown in Japan. The country of Sakura is one of the main markets of Hollywood that, of course, Universal will consider the existing problems. On the other hand, many people also question whether residents of Japan will be interested in watching the movie.

In the social networks themselves, many Internet users are discussing this topic. On the other hand, the Japanese themselves were not “allergic” to the themes of the Second World War or the Pacific War. The proof is that there are several movies that can be considered quite successful, such as The Wolverine or Letters From Iwo Jima. And Oppenheimer’s film is not really a war film, but tells how an atomic bomb can be created.

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