One Piece: 8 Cruel Traitors!

In the One Piece story, there are several evil characters who are considered to be the cruelest traitors due to the evil plans they have carried out. Since the beginning of the One Piece story, betrayal has appeared in this series. The various betrayals no doubt made fans upset and angry. They did not think that everything that happened was just a ruse.

What also sometimes annoys, angers, and disappoints fans is how these treacherous characters do terrible things. This is what makes some of the characters in One Piece history considered the cruelest traitors in history. They do not hesitate to do whatever it takes to complete their goals. Who are they?


Marshall D Teach aka Blackbeard is arguably the cruelest traitor in One Piece history that ended before the main story began. Blackbeard was part of Whitebeard’s crew for over two decades. Until one day he finds out that his partner, Thatch, managed to get a devil fruit. Thatch apparently found the devil fruit Yami Yami no Mi, which Blackbeard has been targeting all along.

one piece cruelest traitor

Knowing this, Blackbeard eventually killed Thatch and stole the devil fruit. Blackbeard then fled with his stolen devil fruit and became an enemy and target of Whitebeard’s group. However, he turned out to be too strong. Blackbeard even stole the former captain’s devil fruit, causing him to have two devil fruit powers. Now Blackbeard managed to create his own group of pirates and become one of the Yonko.

agent CP9

Agent CP9 is also the cruelest traitor that appears at the beginning of the story. In the Water Seven arc, Iceburg is suspected by the World Government of having the blueprints for one of the Ancient Weapons, namely Pluto. To ensure this, the World Government sent a small group to infiltrate. The assigned group turns out to be CP9, who is part of the Cipher Pol group.

They also received information that Nico Robin was on the island with the Straw Hats. CP9 then kidnapped Robin and revealed his true identity. The employees of Iceburg and Galley La Company were shocked by this fact. They did not suspect that the people they considered family members were actually government agents.

kurozumi kanjuro

The betrayal committed by Kanjuro is arguably one of the greatest betrayals in One Piece history. The reason is that Kanjuro is considered family by the Kozuki clan and is part of the Red Scabbards. However, it turns out that he has always had the heart to betray his comrades and the Kozuki clan. This is because Kanjuro himself is actually part of the Kurozumi clan that betrayed the Kozuki clan.

It is known that Kanjuro disguised himself for over 20 years to become Kozuki Oden’s subordinate and become one of the Red Scabbards. Kanjuro acts as the liaison between the Red Scabbards and Oden for Orochi and Kaido, where he always provides information or provides some sort of leak to Orochi and Kaido. Ironically, Kanjuro had to die at the hands of Kiku, who was his own partner in the battle of Onigashima.

kurozumi orochi

Another member of the Kurozumi Clan who is also the biggest traitor is Kurozumi Orochi. Orochi’s figure used to be someone who was protected and even subordinated by Kozuki Oden. Oden trusted Orochi. However, who would have thought that Orochi actually had bad intentions. Orochi was instigated by two clan elders of his, namely Kurozumi Semimaru and Kurozumi Higurashi.

one piece cruelest traitor

They tell Orochi that the Kozuki clan is responsible for the deaths of most of their clansmen, that in fact, the Kurozumi clansmen are criminals after all. They also say that Orochi is more suitable to become Shogun Wano. Eventually, Orochi began plotting to take the throne of Wano. He had tried to kill Kozuki Sukiyaki when Oden was traveling with Roger and Whitebeard, but it turned out that he faked his death and disguised himself as Tenguyama Hitetsu. Orochi even teamed up with Kaido to take over Wano.


In a way, Orochi took revenge for the betrayal he committed against the Kozuki clan. As shown in the Wano Country arc, Orochi and Kaido have been working together for over 20 years. Orochi managed to control Wano and create a weapons factory thanks to Kaido’s help. Kaido himself provided assistance in protecting Wano and Orochi from various attacks.

However, it turns out that Kaido is not actually online or willing to work together with Orochi. From the beginning, Kaido only used Orochi for his benefit. In the Battle of Onigashima it was shown that without hesitation Kaido immediately beheaded Orochi, when he announced his plan to turn Wano into the new Onigashima.

Scratchmen Apoo

When he first appeared in the Sabaody arc, Apoo was actually one of the young pirates with potential like other pirates, like Law, Kid, and even Luffy. This is what makes him enter as one of the pirates of the Worst Generation. However, Oda slowly began to show what Apoo really was. He turned out to be a big traitor who had betrayed many people.

For example, yesterday’s Wano arc showed how Apoo managed to betray the Eustass Kid group and also Basil Hawkins by inviting them to form an alliance to defeat Shanks. However, what happened was that they were finished off by Kaido. During the battle at Onigashima, Apoo also managed to betray X Drake. Indeed, Drake had to lose a lot with the CP0 agents.


The next cruelest traitor on this list is York. In the ongoing Egghead arc, Vegapunk is known to have managed to create satellites of himself that represent each of his emotions or traits. They all have their respective duties and functions. However, the terrible thing is that one of the satellites commits a great betrayal. The traitor turned out to be York.

In the story, York is shown to have deliberately sabotaged the satellite and the other characters as well. He even kidnapped the real Vegapunk and locked him up with the Cipher Pol agents who had inspected the island. It is known that York actually has ambitions to become a sky dragon and is working with the World Government to take down Vegapunk.

world government

The cruelest traitor in One Piece history is the World Government. For hundreds of years, they have managed to build the world they dreamed of. However, the World Government is doing it the wrong way. They destroy empires that have existed for a long time and even perform various manipulations to cover up the traces of existing history.

one piece cruelest traitor

They renamed several important things that could threaten their position, even take their lives. In fact, it was learned in the previous chapter that Im was also the meanest traitor because he was occupying the throne that no one should have occupied, which in the end made him a very tyrannical leader.

These cruel traitors intentionally carry out their evil deeds to smooth over their various plans or fulfill their dreams. These characters do not care about the fate of the people who are victims of their plans. The World Government can be a clear example of this where they never hesitate to take people’s lives to cover up their mistakes.

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