One Piece 1088 Spoiler: Aokiji Secretly Saves Garp?

Here is a brief spoiler for One Piece manga chapter 1088 which will be released in the coming days. After a four-week hiatus, the One Piece manga finally launched last week. In chapter 1087 we see the continuation of the battle that took place on Beehive Island. At first, Garp and the SWORD troops managed to win a crushing victory from the pirates on the island and Blackbeard’s crew.

But unfortunately, the situation changes towards the end of the chapter. Aokiji began to get up and Avalo Pizzaro and the rest of Blackbeard’s crew began sporadically attacking them. On the other hand, Garp’s own ship is under considerable threat. And what is more interesting is how Garp was seriously injured and will presumably die.

Spoilers for One Piece 1088

So how is the story in One Piece manga chapter 1088? The first is the title of this chapter is “Ultima Lección” or “Last Lesson”. In this chapter we will see how Koby recovered from this situation. He uses a powerful attack called ‘Honesty Impact’. The story then cuts back to Aokiji’s figure, where he is seen making a sword out of ice.

The ice blade then pierced through Garp’s body while he was surrounded by the crew of the Blackbeard pirate party. On the other hand, Garp himself begins to feel the effects of the ice where his body begins to freeze, which is similar to what happened to Saul in Ohara. Then the narration of the story itself mentions that the legendary hero Garp disappeared on Beehive Island and his fate is unknown.

At the end of chapter 1088 it is shown how the marines got to Egghead Island. Unfortunately, there is bad news in that for next week, the One Piece manga will have to go on hiatus for a week again. This is the breaking of Oda Sensei’s wishes. This means that the release schedule for chapter 1089 will be pushed back by a week, which means that the chapter will be released on August 2-3. As per the existing schedule, after the release of One Piece manga chapter 1089, there will be another one-week break. And it’s a break from Weekly Shonen Jump.


Chapter 1088 seems to be the pinnacle of the Beehive Island battle storyline for a while. How Garp’s moment was frozen by Aokiji and Koby’s attacks that showcased their abilities and the existing narrative, is strong evidence of this. After this epic battle on Beehive Island, we’ll probably return to the epic battle on Egghead Island.

spoilers for one piece 1088

How then Aokiji made Garp freeze like Saul in the midst of being surrounded by Blackbeard’s crew is certainly very interesting, because as mentioned above if this is similar to the situation that happened to Jaguar D Saul several years ago in the Ohara Island. And if you then reflect on what happened to Saul, it’s very likely that Garp’s fate will be similar to Saul’s.

What does it mean? He would probably appear dead by now, at least in the eyes of Blackbeard’s crew. However, in reality, it could be that the ice sword that plunged into Garp’s body and how to make Garp freeze was Aokiji’s way of saving the former mentor from him. Aokiji certainly didn’t want to see how his mentor had just died at the hands of the enemy. On the other hand, this can also be interpreted as sooner or later the ice will melt and when that happens Garp will be safe. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter, Geeks!

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