One Piece 1088 Full Spoiler: Haki Koby Rises!

Full spoiler for One Piece manga chapter 1088 presents information about the culmination of what happened in the battle on Beehive Island. Chapter 1087 yesterday introduced the continuation of the story of the battle on Beehive Island between SWORD and Monkey D Garp facing off against the pirates and crew of the Blackbeard group. His position was completely disadvantaged.

Although Garp and SWORD managed to evacuate the residents and other people, in the end the situation did not go in their favor. Garp is shown to be severely injured from Shiryu’s attack and his fate is now in doubt. So what happened after SWORD and Garp? Here is the full spoiler for One Piece manga chapter 1088.

Koby’s sacrifice

In the case of the Blackbeard group’s attack on Amazon Lily Island, which coincided with the marine raid in chapter 1059, we see how Koby was kidnapped. However, Oda did not show what really happened and why he was kidnapped. As it turned out, Koby deliberately traded with the Marines who were held captive by Blackbeard.

Full spoiler for One Piece 1088

The Yonko is shown agreeing to stand down, but demands 8,000 naval soldiers and a warship as prisoners. However, Koby later sacrificed himself to trade the Marines. The Marines themselves couldn’t do much, because they had been ordered not to have a direct confrontation with the Yonko. Then Koby’s status as SWORD also became known.

Garp’s Leading Moment

With his body wounded, Garp tries to order Prince Grus, Koby, and Helmeppo around. They are trying to stop efforts to destroy Garp’s ship containing residents and other people. Garp then gave the three interesting directions while opening up the opportunity for them to make a move.

This moment shown by Garp seems to remind us of Whitebeard’s moment at the Battle of Marineford. At that moment, Whitebeard decided to sacrifice himself so that his crew could leave safely, especially after Ace was rescued. However, the situation changed when Ace was found dead and Whitebeard even tried to drown the place.

Koby’s epic moment

The mission given by Garp to Koby is to destroy the island arm of Hachinosu which is controlled by Pizzaro and wants to destroy Garp’s ship. Prince Grus himself was surprised that Garp entrusted this to Koby. However, it was revealed that Koby had trained hard. He even did something really extraordinary.

Full spoiler for One Piece 1088

According to Helmeppo, Koby deliberately trained much harder because he admitted that he did not have any fighting skills or strength. Koby has been even more active in training since he came under Garp’s direct supervision. And the interesting thing is that Koby also participated in the practice of destroying the canister bags that Garp and Aokiji made. As a result of this exercise, Koby was able to use the ‘Honesty Impact’ technique which injured Pizzaro’s arm.

Koby activates Conqueror Haki

So far, Koby has managed to increase his strength in an extraordinary way. In the Water Seven arc, we have seen him increase this power, even though his level is still below that of Luffy and Zoro. What is also interesting is how Koby managed to activate Haki abilities, especially Observation Haki.

Full spoiler for One Piece 1088

The big surprise comes in chapter 1088 when Koby is about to crush Pizzaro’s arm. The Honesty Impact attack, in fact, is not an ordinary punch attack. The attack is actually similar to the attack Garp does when he uses his technique. Koby covers his attacks with Conqueror Haki, which is visible from the black flashes around the strike. However, we still have to wait for official confirmation from Oda regarding this matter.

Garp’s Final Moment

After using the Galaxy Divide technique to destroy the skull face on Beehive Island, causing Pizzaro’s face to be injured, Garp was completely helpless. He used the last remaining strength of him to use the Galaxy Divide technique. After Grus, Koby, and Helmeppo returned to the ship, Garp asked everyone to keep going and not back down.

Full spoiler for One Piece 1088

That was Garp’s last moment, because it was shown how his body was pierced by Aokiji’s ice. And he also seems to slowly freeze like he happened to Jaguar D Saul in the Ohara incident. In the last panel, a narration appears stating that everyone returned safely. Whether Garp survives as well, or suffers another fate, though, we still have to wait.

aokiji’s repentance

There is an interesting moment at the end of the story when Aokiji seems to be trying to freeze Garp. In the midst of Blackbeard’s other crew, it can be seen how Aokiji’s face was covered in darkness. Then, it is not known what happened to his eyes. However, from the facial expressions that were visible, it was suspected that Aokiji was very sad to see what happened where the figure he idolized and his mentor supposedly died.

There is an interesting theory if Aokiji didn’t actually kill Garp. Most likely, he did the same thing that he did to Saul. Although Garp seems frozen, it means that maybe in a certain period of time he will melt again. It could also be that the ice prick on Garp’s body is a way to temporarily stop the injury. Of course, it will be interesting to see what Aokiji does next.

Luffy manages to seize Egghead

Full spoiler for One Piece 1088

Interesting details of this chapter also emerge from the last panel, where there is a narration mentioning that Luffy and the Straw Hats have made Egghead Island their stronghold. This detail is interesting because previously Luffy and the others were in a difficult situation after the Seraphim tried to finish them off. And Kizaru and one of the Gorosei go there too. The fans’ assumption is that Luffy and the others won the battle against the marines based on the existing timeline. However, again, it remains to be seen how the original story will be.

Based on the full spoiler for One Piece chapter 1088, we can see how Koby has once again experienced a tremendous increase in strength. It was shown that he could destroy something the size of a mountain with his hands alone. Other than that, Koby is also known to be another Conqueror Haki user. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter, Geeks!

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