One Piece 1087 Spoiler: Does Garp Finally Die?

After a four-week hiatus due to health reasons, One Piece manga is finally available again and this is a spoiler for chapter 1087. The latest chapter of One Piece manga will return this week. In yesterday’s chapter 1086, we saw how the puzzle regarding the figure of Im slowly unraveled. We finally know that I am from a family of 20 kingdoms.

In that chapter there was also a discussion about the possibility of an ancient weapon that Im had when he destroyed the kingdom of Lulusia. The Revolutionary Army finally learned that there was a figure occupying the empty throne in the palace of Pangea thanks to a story from Sabo. And finally, he introduces us to the leader of the group of Holy Knights.

Spoilers for One Piece 1087

So what happened in chapter 1087? According to the leaked information, chapter 1087 will be titled “Battleship Bag”. After we saw what happened during Reverie and after Reverie, especially what happened to Sabo, Cobra, and Lily, chapter 1087 finally returns to introduce the continuation of the fight between SWORD and Garp against Aokiji and Blackbeard’s men.

Next point, we’ll look at a flashback moment on young Aokiji’s training with Garp. The extraordinary thing was that when they were training, they used a naval warship as a punching bag. Then an unexpected moment occurs where Shiryu suddenly appears and then stabs Garp, while he tries to protect Koby.

Garp and Aokiji punched each other in the face with the addition of Haki. And the effect of this is that a huge explosion appears in the area around the battle. At the end of the chapter, Garp is seen lying on the ground. However, he later advised Koby not to panic. Because surely justice will pay for all that. The good news is that there is no weekly rest for the next week.

This means that One Piece manga chapter 1088 will air as scheduled, which is around the 20th and the leaked information will appear a few days earlier. Then next week, One Piece will also have a Color Spread or color cover to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the series.


Although it is not yet known if Garp will actually die in the battle on Beehive Island, many fans have suspected that Garp’s death might have been right before their eyes during the moment of saving Koby. If Garp really did die at that point, then two things are likely to happen next.

First, we will see the moment of Koby’s awakening. Although Koby has experienced an increase in his strength since he joined the Marines, his strength level is arguably not that impressive. On the other hand, Koby has never been shown fighting, except during the moment of combat in the Water Seven arc when he and Helmeppo met Luffy and Zoro again.

one piece 1087 spoilers

Garp’s death will certainly be a trigger for Koby’s awakening, be it a hidden power that he has never displayed or perhaps Haki abilities or other abilities. Perhaps this will be the first time we see Koby fight in earnest after seeing a figure who contributed to his life die and see Koby’s strength.

Second, Luffy hasn’t heard anything about Garp or what happens outside of Egghead Island. However, this could change when he and Sabo find out that Garp is dead. This, of course, will provoke Luffy’s hatred and anger towards Blackbeard and his crew, where it is not impossible for him to try to chase Blackbeard. For now, we still have to wait to see how the story goes and what Luffy plans next.

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