One Piece 1087 Full Spoiler: Blackbeard’s crew pushes back the situation!

Manga One Piece chapter 1087 actually becomes another big surprise that Oda introduces based on the full spoiler that is available. As geeks know, One Piece fans recently got some big surprises from Oda Sensei. For example, we are introduced to figures from the past such as Nefertari Lili. We finally know a little about Im’s past.

Sabo finally made it home and returned to the island of Kamabakka, where he told her many things. And in that conversation, he also mentioned Ancient Weapons. This time, another big surprise started to appear. However, according to the full spoiler, this big surprise comes from the events that happened on the island of Beehive.

Garp’s past

Many fans are curious about Garp’s past history, why then he can become a strong marine. In the Dressrosa arc, we got a glimpse of Garp’s past when Luffy fought Don Chinjao. Decades ago, Garp had trained to destroy mountains before fighting Chinjao, who defeated the pirate with a single attack.

In the full spoiler for One Piece 1087, it is revealed that long before Garp was able to destroy a mountain, he had trained in the marines. Brannew leads Jango and the rest of the navy to a dock where two derelict warships are wrecked in the background. It turns out that it was Garp’s training before he could destroy mountains. In fact, Aokiji also practiced there.

badly injured garp

Chapter 1087 continues the events of Garp and SWORD’s raid on Beehive Island. In this chapter we see the amazing power of Garp, who was able to throw Sanjuan Wolf into the sea. The pirates were also unable to attack Garp. Unfortunately, when everyone was about to leave the island, something terrible happened.

Garp was struck by Shiryu’s sword while protecting Koby, who was tricked by pirates. As a result of that, Garp himself had to be severely injured. Not to mention, he was hit by an attack from Aokiji that caused Garp to finally have to lie on the ground helpless. This also invites a lot of speculation as to whether Garp could be killed in the incident.

Garp’s Game Value

This information may not be too exciting compared to what happened on the island. Even so, the details of Garp’s bounty seem to confirm that Garp is not an arbitrary figure in either the navy or One Piece lore. One of the panels shows the value of the Cross Guild Garp quest poster. In his drawing, Garp has three crowns.

Full spoiler for One Piece 1087According to the pirates’ explanation, three crowns means the same as 3 billion Belly, which means that one crown is worth 1 billion Belly. What’s also interesting is that although Garp’s position is Vice Admiral, this number is the same as that of Admirals. That’s because Garp has such an extraordinary reputation that his generosity is considered equal to that of admirals.

Garp and Aokiji’s relationship

Before the timeskip, there was an interesting statement from Aokiji when he met Monkey D Luffy. He was never able to fully kill or fight Luffy, because he had respect for his grandfather, Garp. So, Aokiji is known to really idolize Garp where he is an example of how to behave and be a marine.

Full spoiler for One Piece 1087

In chapter 1087, we get a slightly more detailed picture of Garp and Aokiji’s relationship, where it turns out that their connection has been going on since the beginning of Aokiji joining the marines. Aokiji himself asked Garp to accept him as a student, which Garp initially refused. However, due to Aokiji’s persistence and dedication, it was not felt that they were actually mentors and students.

The fate of SWORD members and Garp

The end of the chapter shows how the SWORD members are overwhelmed and confused about what to do next. And what’s also concerning is how wrong he was when another member of Blackbeard’s crew, Avalo Pizzaro, started displaying the power of his devil fruit. He started to move and tried to destroy Garp and the SWORD members.

Full spoiler for One Piece 1087

On the other hand, Garp’s own ship was slowly moving away from Beehive Island despite the fact that the pirates later said that the ship would not be safe either. Seeing this one could tell that they were in a hopeless condition, which meant that their chances of survival were very slim. Interesting, of course, to see what happens next. Will there be assistance from other navies or from other parties?

One Piece fans are curious as to what will happen next on Beehive Island, especially now that the situation itself is not favoring the SWORD members and even Garp. However, based on the full spoiler for chapter 1087, we get some important information about Aokiji’s past and even other details about the Cross Guild reward system.

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