Oda presents information about the Holy Knight!

One Piece Manga Chapter 1089 spoilers are likely to return to introduce a continuation of the events that occurred on Egghead Island as stated in Chapter 1088. One Piece Manga finally launched from Chapter 1087 yesterday after a four-week hiatus. The chapter shows the continuation of SWORD and Garp’s fight against Blackbeard’s pirate crew on Beehive Island.

We then also see an epic moment where Coby begins to show his true strength by destroying Avalo Pizzaro’s island arm in chapter 1088. However, what shocked fans the most, of course, is how Garp finally had to experience a tragic incident at the end of the chapter. And fans are curious as to what will happen next.

One Piece 1089 spoiler prediction

So what is likely to happen in the next chapter? One Piece 1089 spoilers will likely bring the story back on Egghead Island. In the last panel of yesterday’s chapter 1088, a story and pictures showing Egghead Island were shown. The narrative itself states that the Straw Hat crew is now making the island their stronghold.

Before the story moved to Beehive Island, the last epic moment on Egghead Island showed great chaos. York locks up Vegapunk and he is revealed to be the traitor and mastermind behind all the chaos out there. Then, we also see Luffy, Zoro, Kaku, and Rob Lucci teaming up to take on two different Seraphim.

That is, chapter 1089 will probably show the continuation of the Seraphim’s persecution. We also don’t know what will happen after York, where he previously claimed to have big plans to deal with the armada coming to destroy the island. Chapter 1089 will probably show the grand plan that York has prepared.

spoilers for one piece 1089

One Piece 1089 spoilers could also show the moment when the marines and the Gorosei arrive on Egghead Island. Fans themselves are already curious as to what will happen when Luffy and the Straw Hat crew encounter a large number of marines and a Gorosei. Many predictions say that Luffy will face Saint Jaygarcia Saturn.

The encounter between Luffy and Gorosei Saturn might reveal some historical facts or other interesting things that were a mystery before. And it’s also not impossible that we’ll see Saturn clearly put up a fight right now, after previously the Gorosei only showed a bit of their power level when dealing with Sabo and Nefertari Cobra.

Other spoilers

Apart from the continuation of the Egghead Island moment, it is possible that the One Piece 1089 spoiler will also introduce other movements of the Revolutionary Army. In the previous chapter, Sabo was seen discussing Im and the possibility of using the Ancient Weapons with Dragon and Ivankov. They also alluded to who Im was.

Chapter 1089 will likely show the Revolutionary Army starting to prepare to move after learning the story about Im from Sabo. They were probably preparing to invade Mary Geoise’s territory. They will destroy Im, save Kuma, and possibly destroy Im’s ancient weapon as well.

However, what they were most prepared for was the fight against the Holy Knights. As Dragon had previously said, Holy Knights were the benchmark for actual combat. If they started to move, it meant that the Revolutionary Army itself had to prepare for the real battle. And the strength of the Holy Knights was not something to be underestimated.

spoilers for one piece 1089

One Piece 1089 spoilers may also provide more information about the Holy Knights. After being previously referenced, then appearing in silhouette and finally showing us the figure of the leader, that is, Figarland Garling, it is possible that we will obtain more information about the group. We could find out who later became members of the Holy Knights or the history of the formation of the group.

Information about the Holy Knights has become one of the things that fans have been waiting for, considering that this group has close connections to the World Government and Im. And what was interesting was the possible connection of the leader of the Holy Knights, Figarland Garling, with the figure of Shanks. So, let’s wait, geeks, to continue the story in the next chapter.

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