Nolan doesn’t want to go back to working on superhero movies!

Director Christopher Nolan has stated that he does not want to make any more superhero-themed movies in the future. The name Christopher Nolan is certainly familiar to all geeks. He is the behind the scenes figure who is responsible for several epic movies. Some examples are Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, and more recently Oppenheimer. Impeccable cinematography, superb image quality, and mind-blowing plotting are the hallmarks of Nolan’s films.

With all these things, it’s no surprise that all of Nolan’s movies are successful and explode in the market. In fact, not infrequently the film also reaches a high position in terms of box office receipts. In addition to working on the various epic projects above, Nolan has also worked on superhero movie projects, namely the Batman trilogy; Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Nolan superhero movies

This trilogy of movies, especially The Dark Knight, is even considered one of the best and most successful movies ever. This also makes a lot of fans hope that Nolan will later come back for another superhero movie. However, Nola himself has firmly stated that he no longer wants to work on superhero movies in the future.

In an interview with a YouTube channel called HugoDécrypte to promote Oppenheimer’s film, Nolan was asked a question that read “after Batman, are you going to direct another superhero movie?” and Nolan confidently answered “no.” In fact, Nolan made the same statement several years ago after the release of The Dark Knight Returns.

For Nola, the superhero genre is an interesting genre to explore and working on this film also gave her a new experience. However, Nolan stated that it was difficult for him to return to work on a superhero movie, although he also explained that it is not impossible for this decision to change. Nolan has also said that he’s not actually a fan of comic book film adaptations, because according to him, the experience of reading comics will be different than reading the film adaptations.

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