No war machine appearance in Secret Invasion?

Recent reports indicate that War Machine will not appear in the current Secret Invasion series. Secret Invasion is the newest Marvel series currently airing. This series adapts the same plot as in the comics. In the Secret Invasion series it is shown how most of the Skrulls that are on earth today are angry and disappointed with the figure of Nick Fury.

They assume that Nick broke his promise by trying to find a new planet for his home. This gave rise to rebellion and even presented a great threat to the entire world. In addition to the figure of Nick Fury, there are also other characters that appear in this series such as James Rhodes aka Rhodey. In the first episode yesterday, we saw that Rhodes became a presidential adviser and had the opportunity to meet with Nick Fury to discuss what happened.

war machine secret invasion

And speaking of Rhodey, information emerged confirming that War Machine would not appear in the Secret Invasion series. This means that in this series, Rhodey won’t be wearing his armor. This news appears in a recent article from Empire Magazine. Other than that, Rhodey’s character Don Cheadle also gave his comments on Rhodey’s new role in the Secret Invasion series.

Rhodey has a new role in this series. The first scene is of Rhodey and Nick Fury arguing with each other. Rhodey wasn’t a threat/enemy, but he was more of a threat than they expected. That had always been something Rhodey had always tried to maintain. Does he still agree with the military rules that follow the chain of command or will he do something different?

Looking at what’s currently happening in the series’ story, the information that Rhodes won’t be wearing his armor is certainly quite surprising. On the other hand, Nick Fury does not have enough resources to face the threat of the Skrulls either. Even so, Nick Fury insists that he doesn’t want to involve the Avengers and that he’ll figure all these things out himself. It will also be interesting to see if there will be any other superheroes that show up to help Nick get through this. And we’ll have to wait to see if Rhodey is also a Skrull or a real one.

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