NFT Royalties Hit 2-Year Low, Two Teens Arrested For BTC And ETH Scam, India And 18 Central Banks Discuss Using Digital Rupee For Cross-Border Payments

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nft news

  • Blockchain Analytics Signature nansen found that in June 2023, non-fungible token (NFT) royalties hit their lowest point in the past two years. 342 NFT projects earned more than $1 million in royalties, including the top 10 collections that earned more than $345 million and 20 projects that earned more than $10 million. NFT collections that earned more than $10 million in royalties have earned more than $471 million in combined royalties, he said. As of July 4, yuga laboratories received $165.5 million in royalties.

crime news

  • Two seventeen-year-old Canadians have been arrested and charged with theft and possession of criminally obtained property after allegedly defrauding an American man of $4.2 million worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum in a scam known as a “spear phishing” attack. Teens posed as cryptocurrency exchange coin base support to take over man’s crypto exchange wallets, CBC reported. The two had more than $13.4 million in cryptocurrency, according to police.

banking news

  • He Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is in talks with the central banks of at least 18 countries about the possibility of using its central bank digital currency, the digital rupee, for cross-border payments, The Economic Times reported, citing Governor Shaktikanta Das. CBDC “is going to be the future of money. We are preparing for that,” Das said. “By the end of this month, we expect to reach around a million retail CBDC users. That’s for domestic payments. But cross-border payments will also be much faster, smoother and very cost-effective. That’s another area where lending should be done.” a lot of attention. We are constantly in dialogue with other central banks that have introduced or are introducing CBDCs.”
  • Singapore Customers dbs The bank can now collect payments from customers in digital yuan, China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC). According According to the press release, the merchant collection platform allows businesses automated settlement of digital yuan into their bank deposit accounts. Ginger Cheng, CEO of DBS Bank (China), said, “We have received great interest from various customers for the solution since its launch, and we are pleased to have completed the first e-CNY collection for a customer – a catering company. in Shenzhen.”
  • He Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) ordered Danish bank sax to get rid of their crypto holdings. By According to the press release, Saxo Bank’s trading of cryptocurrencies on its own account “has taken place to hedge the risks related to the offering of other financial products,” but the activity is not permitted for Danish financial institutions. “Based on the above, it is found that Saxo Bank’s trading of crypto assets on its own account is outside the legal trading area of ​​financial institutions […] On this basis, Saxo Bank is ordered to dispose of its own crypto asset holdings,” he said.

investment news

  • Global Millennial Capital Ltdinvestment manager in technology and digital assets, Announced its Web3 Global Millennial Investment Program. Company founder Andreea Danila said the program is “aimed at investing in and accelerating visionary technology companies operating in the Web3, Defi, and blockchain verticals, with a specific emphasis on financial services applications, among others.” The accelerator program offers mentorship, hackathons, regulatory sandbox talks, strategic ecosystem connections, and access to various markets in the Middle East and Africa, from the UAE.

exchange news

  • Solain Exchange and the private non-profit organization charity light reached a merger and acquisition to jointly establish a new cryptocurrency exchange, SOCA exchangewhich was officially launched on July 4, saying the press release The combination of the two companies is believed to “create a secure and efficient trading platform for global investors and create value for 7 million members.” SOCA Exchange combines equity capital, digital assets and charity to provide more comprehensive investment services and a broader range of public welfare enterprises, he added.

DeFi news

  • Liquid Stake Derivatives (LSD) platform based on Ethereum and Arbitrum stupid today announced its expansion into BNB Chain. “Pendle’s bread and butter is now unlocked on BNB Chain as well. Enjoy easy access to advanced performance strategies for wbETH and Thena ETH-frxETH, with the flexibility to hedge, leverage and trade returns.” saying.