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Why don’t you go to a tutoring class like everyone else? Isn’t it because you want to spend some time alone with me? – Tong (My Precious, 2023)

My precious is a remake of the Taiwanese film titled you are the apple of my eye which was released in 2011 and became a box office movie in Taiwan at that time. Actually, the movie itself is inspired by a semi-autobiographical novel by a famous Taiwanese writer, Giddens Ko.

The novelist who has written dozens of novels made the novel based on his experiences while he was still in school.

The novel was later published under the title The Girl We Chased Together In Those Years. Later, in 2008, the work of the novelist known by the pseudonym Jiu Ba Dao was remade into a Japanese film version with the same title as the novel. Taiwanese movie.

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After getting into trouble with his homeroom teacher, Tong (Nanon Korapat Kirdpan) sits across from Lin (Film Rachanun Mahawan), who is assigned to supervise him. At first, the two resented the arrangement and fought a lot until one event changed the dynamics of their relationship.

Romance began to blossom between the two, but Tong did not have the courage to speak his heart out. With graduation fast approaching, can their romance survive when the distance separates them?

Movies with the theme of coming of age romance

My precious is a romance-themed coming-of-age film that tells life in high school as the beginning of a long and complicated journey toward romance. The story is also interspersed with stories of friendship between close friends during school plus stories of delinquency and rebellion typical of school-age children.

The love story itself is about students who are mischievous and mischievous, free-spirited, childish, and doing things for themselves. Tong, the mischievous student, is up against Lin, a student known for not only being beautiful but also smart and a model student.

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In contrast to Tong’s general personality, who only knows how to play and have fun, Lin always fills her time with studying and studying and has a mature personality and is popular with male students.

Initially given the unpleasant task of supervising Tong, Lin eventually begins to learn Tong’s true nature and begins telling him to take his studies seriously. His romantic history flows from high school to college.

The true story of romance only begins when they enter college and when Tong begins to realize how he really feels about Lin. Then their relationship seems closer at this stage, talking to each other on the phone almost every night until an event finally changes Lin’s feelings towards Tong.

Interesting romantic dynamic between Tong and Lin

This Thai remake basically takes the premise when a boy meets a girl in high school and falls in love, they grow up, break up, and then meet again.

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My precious is a pretty comprehensive movie that depicts the development phases of their relationship from innocent teenage love to finding the true meaning of love. The dynamics of your relationship flow naturally in these confusing and emotionally turbulent times.

The chemistry between Lin and Tong, which is like fire and water, is well developed, their facial expressions also reveal a lot about how they really like each other, and their relationship naturally grows and deepens.

And throughout the years of their relationship we will also see how each of them developed as a person. Tong’s childish nature hasn’t really disappeared, but we can see how she’s changed for the better thanks to Lin.

Great acting and chemistry.

In addition to telling the life of teenagers in general, this romantic film also presents a visualization of a quiet rural life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is said that Tong and her friends live in a remote village in the small province of Sukothai, which still has many rural landscapes.

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My precious also full of songs with Thai lyrics that also emotionally support the scene that is happening.

In addition to being present with captivating story elements and captivating performance by the two main characters, the chemistry of the supporting actors intertwines naturally and beautifully and has important meaning to the plot.


My precious It is a romance story that ultimately does not come to a perfect ending, but it has deep meaning and is full of lasting sweet memories for both of them. This film is also interesting because it presents a story of friendship and the struggle to achieve goals.

For fans of Thai romantic movies, especially Nanon, it is better to wait for this movie to be shown soon in the nearest cinema to your city.

Director: Fon Kanittha Kwunyoo, Kwany Naphat Chitveerapat

Cast: Nanon Korapat, Film Rachanun, Chimon Wachirawit, Ohm Pawat, Trai Nimtawat, Jaturong Mokjok, View Benyapa Jeenprasom, Euro Thanaset Suriyapornchaikul

Duration: 121 minutes

Score: 7.4/10


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