Mouly Surya announces that Production War City is officially complete!

Mouly Surya, as the director of the City War film, officially announced that the production process of the film has been completed.

Hello Cilers!

This city is a battlefield either city ​​wars is an upcoming Indonesian war drama film written and directed by Mouly Surya. This film, adapted from Mochtar Lubis’s “Jalan Tak Ada Ujung”, is set in 1946, one year after Indonesia gained independence from the Dutch and Japanese occupation.

The novel “Jalan Tak Ada End” itself tells of a school teacher named Isa (Chicco Jerikho) during the Indonesian war of independence. Isa, who is married to Fatimah (Ariel Tatum), cannot get a boner for fear of colonial pressure.

After announcing the cast as well as the filming for the first time at the beginning of the year, now through his official social networks, Mouly Surya said that the film production city ​​wars has been completed.

Along with the announcement of the completion of the filming process, Mouly also wrote his feelings for this film and at the same time thanked everyone who helped him make the film a reality. city ​​wars.

“The final scene that just finished for This City is a Battlefield. It’s a bit bittersweet to say that making this movie tumultuous would be an understatement. It was exciting, it was dramatic, and it was one of the best moments of my life.
Everyone has worked very hard, giving me the best and more. I could have asked a fish to fly and you would have done everything you could to give it to me,” Mouly Surya wrote.
city ​​war02

The story of this movie is still centered on the character Isa who has erectile dysfunction. Isa, a powerless war hero and also a schoolteacher in Jakarta, tries to recapture his former glory for some cash on a mission to blow up a movie theater to kill a Dutch general.

In addition to directing, Mouly also works as a screenwriter. city ​​wars. This movie will be Mouly Surya’s latest project after directing movies before. Warning who only live from service stream Netflix

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