Moon Ga Young will make a cameo appearance in Delightfully Deceitful

Moon Ga Young will be making a special appearance in the 12th episode of the upcoming drama as Min Kang Yoon.

Hello Cilers!

deliciously misleading is an exciting revenge drama about an empathetic con man (played by Chun Woo Hee) and an overly empathetic lawyer (Kim Dong Wook).

To fight evil, these two polar opposites come together to form an unlikely alliance.

A born genius, the character of Lee Ro Um (Chun Woo Hee) received media attention at a young age for being a child prodigy.

However, within a matter of years, he becomes famous for a very different reason: the young woman once known as the “memorization genius” is imprisoned after being branded an evil psychopath who killed her parents.

After being released from prison, Lee Ro Um underwent a glamorous transformation into Femme Fatale tempting for a carefully planned scheme.

The scammer sits at a casino table, looking like an experienced player that he is not, which raises the question of why he is in the casino and who he is trying to impress with his actions.

Moon Ga Young will make a guest appearance in the 12th episode of the drama as Min Kang Yoon, a character who holds the key to Lee Ro Um and Han Moo Young’s (Kim Dong Wook) plot to defeat their enemies.

The elegant and stunning Min Kang Yoon, who attracts attention wherever he goes, will ultimately be the determining factor for Lee Ro Um and Han Moo Young’s plan to succeed.

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producer deliciously misleading commented, “Min Kang Yoon is a key character they really need to recruit ‘their side’ for their new plan to take down the enemy.”

They added, “Watch out for Moon Ga Young’s strong presence and how her special appearance will affect the story.”

What do you think of Cilers, will the character played by Moon Ga Young be a friend or a foe? Watch the continuation of the story. deliciously misleading aired exclusively on the Viu streaming service.

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