Minus One’ becomes the next Godzilla movie

First introduced in Japan in 1954, today Godzilla has become one of the best-known pop culture icons around the world. So far, there have been many incarnations of Godzilla that have been introduced to fans, from bad to good, be it the Japanese or Hollywood versions. Now Toho, as the first Japanese studio to popularize the character, has just released a poster and teaser, as well as announced his latest movie titled Godzilla: Minus One.

In addition to the Lionsgate film company with its MonsterVerse franchise, the Toho studio has recently returned intensively to produce new Godzilla films. shin godzilla which was released in 2016 was one of his last films that managed to prove that the original Japanese Godzilla is no less terrifying than the Hollywood Godzilla. Where Godzilla’s form and strength are usually more varied and presented with a story more focused on the disaster he brings. Interestingly, you can already feel this from the simple teaser and movie poster. Godzilla: minus one future.

godzilla minus one

First announced last year, the film Godzilla: minus one itself was worked on by director Takashi Yamazaki, who also wrote the story and designed the characters. This latest Godzilla movie will take us back in time, to be precise after the war in Japan, where Godzilla posed an even bigger threat. According to the teaser’s slogan, Godzilla’s arrival will make Japan, which has just lost everything, have to experience an inconvenience, that is, much worse than before.

The reason is quite clear, because Godzilla, whose body size is very large and his behavior is very wild, will wreak havoc in Japan. Evidenced by his footsteps immediately destroying the road and surrounding buildings. Glancing at the end of the teaser we can see Godzilla’s appearance whose design turns out to be more or less similar to Heisei-era Godzilla where his rounded face looks very angry with fangs that are larger and protrude around his mouth.

This means Godzilla: minus one Will it retell the same story as the first Godzilla movie? Only time can answer that. However, from what has been seen so far, it seems that Toho really wants to remind fans that Godzilla is actually a biological disaster that is no less terrible than the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We will be able to see all these horrors on film. Godzilla: minus one opens in theaters worldwide on December 1, 2023.

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