Minato Manga spoilers, new Naruto spin-off!

As per Kishimoto’s promise yesterday, he finally released the latest Naruto one-shot manga on Minato and this is the spoiler. The figure of Minato Namikaze is a very popular character in the Naruto story, although he actually appears very rarely in the story. As we know, Minato was shown dead at the beginning of the story while protecting Naruto from Kurama’s attack.

Although he only appears in various flashbacks or other media such as movies, this does not make Minato lose his reputation as one of the most popular characters. This also made Minato win in the poll conducted yesterday by Kishimoto at the end of 2022, which made his character win an award in the form of a one-shot manga story.

Minato’s past and the origins of the Rasengan

In keeping with the main theme of the manga story, namely the figure of Minato Namikaze, in the Naruto: The Whorl Within or Naruto Gaiden manga we are shown Minato’s past. However, Minato’s past in question is not from when he was born to adulthood. The story takes place in the middle of a battle between shinobi villages and the Bijuu are used as weapons of war.

In the story, Minato is shown trying to create a Jutsu in order to match the tremendous power of the Bijuu. Minato then made observations of the Bijuu-Dama attacks commonly used by Jinchuuriki from other villages and their Bijuu. Minato tried to imitate the concept of chakra flow in the Bijuu-Dama attacks.

For this to happen, Minato trained with Jiraiya. He continuously practiced to find the correct formula to create his Jutsu. Unfortunately, he always failed to do it. In explaining it to him, at first Minato always tried to present the flow of chakra in one direction; to the left or to the right. Jiraiya, who provided assistance with this information, including following the threads in someone’s hair.

Jiraiya then inspired Minato to bring chakra flow from two directions when they ate ice cream. On the other hand, this is also because Minato is known to have two threads on his head. And finally one of the best Jutsu of the Naruto franchise was born, which was later used by his son, Naruto, and his grandson, Boruto.

Rasengan Name

Actually, at first, Minato still couldn’t decide what the name of his new Jutsu would be. Minato had mentioned his new Jutsu to Kushina, because this Justu was deliberately created by Minato for Kushina to survive the Bijuu’s attacks. Because Kushina felt that this was the Jutsu that Minato had created for her, he also wanted this Jutsu to be named after her wish.

Kushina then gave the Jutsu’s name as Rasengan. Apparently the name ‘Rasengan’ has a very deep and philosophical meaning. In the flashback story, Kushina explained that when she was still a child, Hashirama’s wife, Mito Uzumaki, once gave her an explanation about what it really meant to be the Uzumaki clan and the meaning of the thread that became the symbol of her clan .

manga minato naruto

In that scene, Mito invites Kushina to a room where there is a very high spiral staircase. Mito then explained that the three-dimensional thread was called ‘Rasen’. The thread is also closely related to the symbol of the Uzumaki clan, since its meaning is that although it seems to be spinning in the same place, the attitude and behavior will change.

Because the Jutsu was made of chakra flows in a screw, circle, or vortex shape and was similar to the ‘Rasen’ described by Mito, Kushina eventually named the Jutsu Minato created for Kushina the Rasengan. And Minato himself also liked the name which in the end was used as his Jutsu until now.

Minato and Kushina’s love story

The Minato one-shot manga, which is a spin-off of the Naruto story, doesn’t actually show many moments of the love story between Minato and Kushina. However, there are moments that show the romantic history of the two characters. The story shows how Kurama managed to release the seal on his body and tried to take over Kushina’s body. As a result of this, Kushina lost consciousness.

manga minato naruto

In her subconscious, Kushina couldn’t do much. Even so, Kushina tried to stay afloat and Minato tried to help her. At that moment, Kurama managed to injure Minato’s body quite a bit. Even so, Minato still didn’t leave Kushina. The two really together tried to stop Kurama and resealed him.

At this time, Minato managed to use the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style technique which he actually just learned and is also not part of the Uzumaki clan. After his childhood flashback, Kushina began to wake up and his strength began to increase. The combination of Minato and Kushina also got Kurama to finally lose and get sealed again. And their bonding moment is also shown at the end of the story, when Kushina and Minato agree to name the Jutsu as Rasengan.

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