Marvel shares a new image of The Punisher!

Marvel has revealed who their new The Punisher will be. Writer David Pepose and artist Dave Wachter will launch a new Punisher series in November that will introduce a new Punisher to the Marvel Universe, namely retired former SHIELD Black Ops agent Joe Garrison.

David Pepose, who has a history of writing Punisher 2099 during the Savage Avengers event, created a story similar to that of Ghost Rider. Where is the main Punisher, Frank Castle, and the successor to the next Punisher, Joe Garrison. While Ghost Rider’s story, there is Johnny Blaze as the main Ghost Rider and the successor to Danny Ketch’s remake of Ghost Rider in the 1990s.

the new punisher

Not much has been revealed about this new comic series. But Marvel promises to bring interesting changes to the world of the Punisher, by introducing an interesting new character, Joe Garrison. As a former SHIELD Black Ops agent, Garrison is sure to bring his skills and vast experience to the world of crime and combat.

David Pepose, who has experience writing Punisher stories, will present a fresh and action-packed story for loyal Punisher fans. The comparison between Joe Garrison’s character as the new Punisher and Danny Ketch’s Ghost Rider provides an interesting picture of the new dynamic and position the Punisher will have in the Marvel Universe.

Punisher fans can’t wait to see this new series. The wait will soon be over in November when the new series of The Punisher is officially released. Get ready to welcome the arrival of a new Punisher and action that’s no less exciting than ever before in the world of the Marvel Universe!

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