Marvel reveals the origin of Venom’s web!

In Marvel lore, the Venom symbiote is known as one of the sworn enemies of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man who eventually became a friend. In addition to often being in the same story, the fact remains that Venom also shared body and soul with Peter when they joined forces at the beginning of his debut. It’s interesting that after parting ways with Peter and then choosing another host, it’s strange that Venom still retains a number of Spider-Man powers, like shooting spider webs, apparently this is the origin.

As a reminder, when Venom parted ways with Spider-Man and chose an ordinary human named Eddie Brock as his favorite host, he was shown to emulate many of Spider-Man’s powers. Like crawling up walls, hanging and swinging between skyscrapers, even shooting spider webs. Even the crest on his chest was shaped like a spider. At the time, the most likely explanation for this was that Venom still had Spider-Man’s memories. Now, finally, Marvel Comics has revealed the real facts about the origin of Venom’s web.

Origin of Venom's web

in the latest comics Poison Issue 22 from writer Al Ewing and illustrator Ramon Bachs tells that Venom, who is now joined by Eddie Venom’s son Dylan Brock, is fighting a symbiote villain named Flexo. In the process, he is seen spraying webbing or web fluid on Flexo to stop him. It is at this point that Venom explains what and where his webbing comes from. And it turns out that it’s ‘biological waste’ from Venom’s body, aka feces.

“If you want to have more web fluid after this, we need to eat something human-sized.” Venom told Dylan. In the monologue that follows, Venom further explains that “This It’s a symbiote waste. Where I deliberately keep it and then shoot it all over the city. Don’t blame me, because that’s how I was raised.”

In other words, if Venom and whoever his host wants more webbing, then they have to eat more. So that digestion can process it and then store it as a main weapon. It’s sickening, but at least with this, Marvel fans can finally know that the origin of spider venom didn’t come from web-slingers like Spider-Man. It’s the bodily waste that Venom prides himself on as one of his perks.

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