Marines hunted by Cross Guild!

If before the pirates were persecuted by the navy, now they are persecuted by the Cross Guild group. The navy has long been a group that hunts down pirates in the One Piece story. They are the military force of the World Government that has the task of protecting the seas from pirate attacks.

However, the situation has now changed where it is the marines that are being chased by the pirates. The pirates are after the Marines thanks to the Cross Guild, which also rewards anyone who catches or kills them. However, of course, there were some naval characters that the Cross Guild was hunting down.


The marines that the first Cross Guild hunted were admirals. This is the most obvious goal of the group. In fact, it was not without reason why the Cross Guild targeted the admirals. Of all the members of the navy, admirals are recognized as the strongest. Admirals are famous for having very powerful devil fruit powers and Haki abilities.

As the strongest navy, of course, they are targeted by the Cross Guild, because these admirals have a high threat level. How much then the Admirals game value remains a question. However, given their position and the level of power they possessed, it was not impossible for their value to exceed a billion Bellys.


Fleet Admiral is the highest position in the navy. This is the position controlled by Akainu, where he is in charge of all the marine forces in the One Piece world. Geeks are certainly no stranger to Akainu’s power. Sakazuki’s magma ability is capable of causing extraordinary horror. In fact, Akainu indirectly managed to kill Whitebeard.

guild of the cross hunted by the navy

Akainu himself was originally a former admiral who later managed to replace Sengoku. He managed to change the position of Aokiji, who was also going to be a Marine to fill that position. Akainu’s reward will obviously be very high considering his position as a fleet admiral. Perhaps, the figure alone could be over Belly’s 3 billion.

deputy admirals

Until now, the figure of an admiral is usually seen as the strongest in the navy. This is not bad because in fact they are the strongest. Still, other navies are no less extraordinary. In this case, the vice admirals also have tremendous power. His position is indeed one level below Admiral.

However, that does not mean that these are figures that can be underestimated. Many Vice Admirals are equally powerful and terrifying. Some examples are Smoker, Gion, Chaton, and of course Garp. Because the value of those who are below the admiral level is not too great, but it is still quite fantastic. The value itself can be from hundreds of millions to billions of Belly. Vice Admiral T-Bone is a victim of the Cross Guild.

monkey d garp

The name of Monkey D Garp was revealed to be one of the Cross Guild’s target marines thanks to his extraordinary reputation as a marine hero. This was discovered when the Beehive Island pirates tried to attack Garp, who had been injured by Shiryu’s attack. According to one of the pirates, Garp’s own bounty is three crowns, which means that his strength reaches 3 billion bellies.

guild of the cross hunted by the navy

As geeks know, Garp actually has a vice admiral position where the numbers shouldn’t be that big. However, thanks to Garp’s extraordinary reputation and strength, Garp’s bounty has become extraordinarily high. In addition, he was considered a marine hero after what happened in the Valley of God 38 years ago.


Koby is also actually a Marine whose rank level isn’t too high. It is known, Koby’s current rank is captain. Looking at this position, Koby’s bounty shouldn’t really be big considering that the rank of captain is below vice admiral, which means his bounty won’t be big either. However, it was his reputation again that made Koby’s value soar.

guild of the cross hunted by the navy

Koby is known to be a hero in the Rocky Port incident, which is as yet unexplained. In fact, this reputation was also recognized by Blackbeard. Koby also became a “hero” to the Marines that were kidnapped by Blackbeard, where he was willing to trade. Koby’s own bounty has been known to reach 500 million Belly, which is usually the captains’ worth of only 100 million Belly.


The last naval character that the Cross Guild was after was Kong. The Kong figure remains very mysterious to this day. Kong is the leader or commander (Commander-in-Chief) of all naval forces and organizations under the auspices of the World Government. Prior to taking this position, Kong had held the position of Fleet Admiral. Kong became a Fleet Admiral for approximately 30 years.

guild of the cross hunted by the navy

Kong is one of the characters we’re looking forward to seeing, as he’s only appeared briefly so far. Other than that, fans are also waiting for complete information about the Kong figure because Oda Sensei has not provided any information about this figure yet. The Cross Guild reward from him could reach billions of Belly, to be precise, it could be 3 to 4 billion Belly.

The Guild of the Cross was currently growing in reputation among pirates. This is reasonable considering that the pirates now have more motivation to be able to take on the marines. If they were usually the target, now it was their turn to target the marines. Of course, it will be interesting to see what the next steps for Cross Guild will look like.

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