Many young artists, Surugana Mantra shows on July 27 in theaters!

After releasing the trailer on June 20, the Mantra Surugana movie will finally be simultaneously screened in Indonesian theaters from July 27, 2023.

Hello Cilers!

Surugana Mantra is the debut film from Peregrine Studios, which is also collaborating with Adhya Pictures and ZK Digimax.

The film tells of the rise of a demonic figure through spells and curses who haunts Tantri (Sitha Marino) in a hostel and discovers a terrible connection to spells and curses in her past. The spell and curse awaken the Demon Surugana who takes his life.

At the special screening and gala premiere activities held today at XXI Metropole Jakarta, Peregrine Studios spread the horror of Surugana to film connoisseurs and guests in attendance through the Mantra House Diorama, Sundanese Sinden singers accompanied by gamelan music with melancholic rhythms that can caress the ear and a face scanner that can emit Sundanese mantras.

“We are very excited that the film Mantra Surugana has finally made its way to the gala premiere and will be shown simultaneously on July 27,” said Peregrine Studios Chief Executive Producer Ervina Isleyen.
“We hope that lovers of Indonesian cinema, especially the horror genre, will appreciate the hard work and full dedication we put into this film.”
“Working on a quality horror film requires commitment, which is why we are proud to be able to present this film that we assure is an unusual horror film and adds to a series of horror films worth enjoying,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the film director Surugana MantraDyan Sunu Prastowo revealed that the film will feature a new horror spectacle.

“It took a long process and selection of story ideas until Mantra Surugana was finally chosen to work on.
I am very serious about working on this film, the process of making this film is made as comfortable and fun as possible and cannot be separated from CGI (computer generated imagery) technology to maximize the visuals in it, so I am even more curious to see the film as a whole,” Sunu explained.

Not only the producers and directors are excited, one of the main leads, Sitha Marino, is looking forward to seeing her act in this movie.

“To be honest, I was a little nervous about my performance, because it was my first time watching the movie in its entirety. I never thought the movie would be as great as this one.
“Thanks to Peregrine Studios and Adhya Pictures for inviting me to be in this movie, because this horror movie is very different and unique.”
“I am very proud to be a part of this film, and I hope horror lovers can accept my performance.”

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