Leo Pictures Holds 1 Million Viewer Celebration for Third Figure Movie

Third Figure Movie Hits One Million Viewers, Leo Pictures Immediately Hosts Thanksgiving Event!

Leo Pictures recently held a Thanksgiving event for the success of their film, namely Third Figure. The reason is that the movie has gained more than 1 million viewers in Indonesia of various ages.

Located at the Leo Pictures office in Tebet, South Jakarta, Agung Saputra is the producer Third Figure Together with the rest of the Leo Pictures team, we would like to express our appreciation for the warm welcome from the entire audience.

This event had the immediate presence of the director Dedy Mercy and the actors of the film. Third Figureincluding Celine Evangelista, Erika Carlina, Samuel Rizal, and Nunu Datau.

This tasyakuran is made in a simple and familiar way. Not to forget that producer Agung Saputra expressed his gratitude for the appreciation from the public which really exceeded expectations. He also thanked the entire production team and internal team for all their hard work and support.

Leo Pictures hopes to continue producing good work that will always be appreciated by the public.

Anything Third Figure It continues to be shown in theaters and the number of viewers will continue to increase.

This movie tells the story of a husband and wife who are married, but are not blessed with children. Nuri (Erika Carlina) has to accept being in a relationship with her best friend, Yuni (Celine Evangelista).

Initially, Yuni’s life felt perfect since she married Anton (Samuel Rizal). Yuni is happy living her days, even as a second wife.

Anton’s relationship with his first wife is also still harmonious, considering that Yuni is his best friend since college and has approved of her marriage to Anton, who wants to have children soon.

Now, Yuni and Anton await the birth of their seven-month-old baby in Yuni’s womb. However, everything changed since a supernatural terror hit her family. After performing the mitoni event, Yuni began to experience alterations in her pregnancy. Yuni even spit nails out of her mouth.

While Yuni is dealing with her grief, Nuri becomes irritated with Anton, who now finds it difficult to share his time with her fairly. Anton spends most of his time with Yuni who lives in another house. No matter how sincere a woman’s heart is, it still hurts when she is in honey, Nuri told her mother.

Also, Anton, who suddenly had to leave town, made Yuni ask Nuri to take care of him at home. What will happen if the first wife and the second wife are under the same roof? How do they live the days full of terror without the presence of their husbands?

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