Lego Hybrid live action movie to be made!

A live-action/animation hybrid Lego movie is reportedly in development and there’s already a name set to direct. The Lego franchise isn’t as big as other animated franchises, like Spider-Man. Or even as big as any other movie franchise. However, Lego movies are often successful in the market, considering that this is a family movie that manages to package itself nice and attractively.

So far, the Lego franchise has featured dozens of movies, TV series, and even short films. Some examples of popular Lego movies are The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, etc. And a new piece of news says that a hybrid film project between live-action and Lego animation will be made. This news first appeared in a Variety report. According to the report, the Universal production house has collaborated with Adam and Aaron Nee.

the lego movie hybrid

They plan to make a hybrid Lego movie. What’s interesting, though, is that this movie hybrid itself won’t be part of the existing Lego franchise. That means it’s possible this is a loose story or maybe Universal will build another universe out of the game. The Nee brothers had already been tapped to direct the film, which was a deal made before the writers and actors demo took place.

It is known that Universal itself signed a cooperation contract with the Lego Group in 2020 for five years to produce various films and series based on these toys. So far, there is no other information about the project apart from the Nee brothers, who will later become directors. However, this report from Variety also mentions that actor Kyle Allen might be joining the film project.

This is because another Kyle Allen film project, Masters of the Universe, which was originally going to be produced by Netflix, had to be cancelled. Kyle Allen himself has been designated as the actor who will play the character of He-Man. And according to Variety, Kyle Allen could move on to other projects following in the footsteps of the Nee brothers. Let’s just wait for more information on this project, Geeks!

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