Learn what the Super Skrulls are in Secret Invasion

In Secret Invasion, we will see how the great plan of these shape-shifting aliens is to take over the earth.

The radical Skrulls faction under the leadership of the new Skrull General, Gravik seems to be tired of waiting for an unfulfilled promise by Nick Fury, who previously vowed to find the Skrulls a new home for Gravik and his group to attempt to forcibly reclaim Earth as their own. your new planet.

in the first episode secret invasion it is revealed that Gravik wants to trigger open nuclear war between Russia and the United States. This would clearly give the Skrulls an advantage as they are immune to radiation and would allow them to become the dominant force on earth.

The plans for the Super Skrulls were revealed in episode 2.

Later in episode 2, it is further revealed that the war is only the first step of his grand plan devised by Gravik. In episode 3, as a continuation of Gravik’s plan, he creates Super Skrulls.

This was done by him as a precaution so that the Skrulls could have superpowers that could match the strength of the Avengers and other Earth superheroes. Earlier in episode 2, Gi’ah’s daughter Talos discovered a hidden laboratory and a large machine.

In addition, Gi’ah also found two scientists working for Gravik and they took it upon themselves to collect the DNA needed for the experiment. This mysterious project later became known as Gi’ah with the Harvest.

Super Skrulls in the Secret Invasion series

This motivated Gi’ah to find out more about the project and was able to find a list of DNA samples that Gravik had collected.

The data Gi’ah found was a note about the Jotunheim Frost Beast seen at the end. Thor: The Dark WorldDeep hand cut in Cull Obsidian Avengers: infinity warGroot DNA from Guardians of the Galaxy and Extremis Virus from Iron Man 3.

Based on that DNA, the Skrulls would then have the combined power of all that DNA. Among them is the Extremis Virus Healing Factor, a Cull Obsidian superpower whose strength is on par with the Hulk’s. Then there’s Frost Beast’s super speed and super stamina and Groot’s elasticity.

Differences in the source of the Super Skrulls’ powers between the comics and the series

In the comics, there was originally only one Super Skrull named Kl’rt and then the Skrull Kingdom created many more Super Skrulls. One that stands out after Kl’rt is Paibok or what is known as the Power Skrull.

Then there are the other Super Skrulls who were given powers mimicking the powers of Earth’s superheroes. Like Rl’nnd, who has the combined strength of the X-Men, such as Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops.

There are also other Skrulls that have the powers of Spider-Man’s villains, such as Hydroman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Lizard, and the Sinister Six combined into one.

In the comics, the Super Skrulls’ true power comes from a signal from their home planet (not the Skrullos as stated in the movie). If that signal can be blocked, then the Super Skrulls can weaken and go back to just normal Skrulls.

But in the series, the way to increase their strength changes completely, the powers of the Super Skrulls are obtained based on research carried out by Gravik.

For those who are interested in this Skrull character, you can watch the Secret Invasion series on Disney+ Hotstar, which is streaming from June 21, 2023.

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