Leaked details of the villain’s appearance in Blue Beetle!

Before the release of the film blue beetles in theaters, not a few fans are curious about the villains of the film. Considering that this DC movie from director Angel Manuel Soto will focus on the origins of Jaime Reyes, who became the Blue Beetle after bonding with the alien beetle with extraordinary powers, there are sure to be plenty of enemies looking for his powers as well. So now we can see the details of the appearance of one of the villains that was recently leaked through the official merchandise. blue beetles from Funko Pop.

formerly trailers blue beetles Jaime has been confirmed to face off against two formidable villains in the film. The first is Susan Sarandon’s Victoria Kord, a businesswoman who tries to wrest the Beetle from Jaime at all costs. And the second is the scary-faced villain Conrad Carapax, played by actor Raoul Max Trujillo. Especially for Carapax, although in the trailer he looks like an ordinary human, it turns out that in the movie he will be wearing red armor, as we can see in the official merchandise photos below.”

the appearance of the blue vilain beetle

Apart from showing the figure of Jaime Reyes of Xolo Mariduena with and without the Blue Beetle armor, on the side it is clear what the villain Conrad Carapax looks like. He wore advanced red armor with an intimidating-looking yellow visor. If you pay attention to the pose of the merchandise that is equipped with a support figure, then most likely one of Carapax’s abilities with this armor is to fly. This ability seems to be meant to match the Blue Beetle, who can also fly high.

In DC Comics, Conrad Carapax is a human whose life begins to change after his mind suddenly switches to a red robot said to be indestructible. Carapax has since changed his name to The Indestructible Man, famous for having super physical strength and stamina. Other than that, it has also been shown that his robotic body can absorb energy and then convert it into a deadly attack.

For the movie itself, it is still unknown how Carapax can obtain the armor. What is clear, based on the appearance revealed via Funko Pop, is that the villain seems more prepared to take on Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle, who also relies on exoskeleton armor from him. We’ll see how exciting his battle will be in the movie. blue beetles Theatrical release on August 18, 2023.

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