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Just Mom was directed by Jeihan Angga and produced by Hanung Bramantyo.

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Online Cinema is proud to announce its new selection of films, only mom which will be available from August 2, 2023. This film was directed by Jeihan Angga and produced by Hanung Bramantyo.

only mom is a film that conveys profound messages about dilemmas and conflicts adult children often face, warm family stories, and the importance of respecting aging parents.

Through the story of Siti (Christine Hakim), we are reminded that sometimes we are too busy growing up and forget that our parents are getting old too. This movie tells the story of Mrs. Siti who feels lonely because her children are busy with her own business.

Yet instinctively, a mother still wants to bestow her love on her child. This was what made Mrs. Siti decide to give her sincere affection to wholeheartedly care for the ODGJ (People with Mental Disorders).

only mom
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Christine Hakim, who plays the character of Siti, managed to show her best performance as a mother who has a very motherly and caring personality. Her presence on the screen will take the viewer on a moving and authentic emotional journey.

“Each of us has a mother, although of course there are various types of stories, but through Siti’s mother we can learn that it turns out that mother’s love is eternal and without limits, it does exist.
The story of Ms. Siti’s life journey is not widely experienced by most Indonesian mothers, but around us is a group of Indonesian mothers who ultimately inspired Dapur Film to make it into a Just Mom film story.
And I’m sure Indonesian families can enjoy this movie,” said Christine Hakim as the main character of the movie Just Mom.

Movie only mom it also featured a lineup of other well-known actors and actresses such as Ayushita, Niken Anjani, Ge Pamungkas, Dea Panendra, Toran Waibro, and Pritt Timothy.

Together, they bring to life a family story filled with conflict, warmth and poignant moments that will leave a deep impression on the hearts of the audience.

The moments that are present in this movie feel really moving because they are collected from real stories that surround them. This was directly transmitted by director Jeihan Angga.

“Together with the writers we collect many stories related to Mother. What we write on stage is a collection of very personal stories for us and also for other viewers,” said Jeihan Angga.

Hanung Bramantyo as a producer also revealed that this film will once again remind the importance of the mother figure.

“This Just Mom movie will make us appreciate the existence of a mother figure, it may even make us immediately miss the presence of mothers in our lives,” said Hanung Bramantyo.

The series of events in this film tells of Siti’s decision to take care of Murni, a homeless ODGJ (Person with Mental Disorders) who is heavily pregnant, to fill her period of solitude.

Despite the fact that her children oppose her decision, Siti remains steadfast and loving in Murni’s care, even though her own physical condition is weakening due to her cancer.

This story teaches about selfless love and the delivery of a mother, with infinite affection.

“Seeing the great interest in the Just Mom movie gives us confidence to screen this movie. With good quality, and has been presented at various festivals.
We hope that through the Just Mom movie, the audience can feel the warmth of family, understand the dilemmas related to adult children, and appreciate more the struggle and love of parents,” said Ajeng Parameswari as President of Cinema Online.

To welcome the release of this movie, Cinema Online has released an official teaser. only mom and also starting the advance sale of tickets from July 24 to August 1, 2023, with a special price of Rp. 15,000,- per ticket from the normal price of Rp. 20,000.

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