Johnny Depp ready to join Disney again!

After having disappeared from the Hollywood film industry, actor Johnny Depp has recently started to rebuild his reputation as an actor. Unfortunately, until now there hasn’t been a breakthrough movie that makes fans truly satisfied. Because not a few really hope that he can return with the iconic roles of him, including Jack Sparrow in the franchise. pirates of the Caribbean from Disney. Now, according to the latest reports, Johnny Depp is ready to work with Disney again.

The reason why the news of Johnny Depp’s return is quite surprising is because he and Disney previously had an argument. It all started when Disney unilaterally fired Depp shortly after his ex-wife and actress Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence. However, since Depp won his last trial in 2022, where the judge ultimately sentenced Heard to a large fine, the actor’s name and career are now slowly on the mend, perhaps even in the eyes of Disney.

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Recently People reported that a source had told them about the possible return of Johnny Depp to the film company that was considered to have betrayed him, namely Disney. “Anything can happen. If the project is right, it will.” said a source who claimed to be close to Depp. Although it is not explained what film projects may bring Depp back to work with Disney, many believe that if all goes well, the Jack Sparrow actor will return to the movies. pirates.

Also, previously Disney Studio Motion Picture Production president Sean Bailey had hinted at the possible return of the Jack Sparrow character in a film project. pirates of the caribbean 6 which will be directed by Joachim Ronning. “We have a very good and interesting story that will certainly respect the previous films, and of course we also have something new.” Bailey told him The New York Times.

On the other hand, although Disney seems to have begun to open the door to the return of Johnny Depp, they are still very careful with their statements. Because according to Bailey himself, for now Disney and Depp do not yet have a joint commitment. We’ll see how it goes, Geeks. If they both agree in the end, it’s not impossible that the official announcement will be immediately broadcast to fans around the world.

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