Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Puma collaborate on NFT-enhanced sneakers

Image Source: Cougar

Jay Z‘s Roc Nation and Cougar have joined forces to create a new collection of sneakers that incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The entertainment agency and apparel giant have teamed up with Legitimatea startup bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms using its proprietary “LGT Tag” technology, to launch the RS-XL Mixed Tape collection of sneakers, according to a Friday press release.

The collection consists of three mixtape-inspired sneaker styles: Cassette tape, Discand play list. Each pair of sneakers contains a unique blockchain-backed LGT tag hidden under the tongue of the left shoe.

This near field communication (NFC) The chip can be scanned with a smartphone to unlock exclusive digital content.

Additionally, each NFC chip is linked to an NFT minted by Legitimate via the Avalanche blockchain. These NFT-linked LGT tags can also authenticate physical products, including sneakers and other apparel.

Buyers of the RS-XL Mixtape sneakers will get access to weekly mixtapes, a 14-track playlist of previously unreleased music from upcoming Roc Nation artists, and “unrestricted access to life behind the scenes as a Roc Nation artist.”

Notably, Roc Nation’s roster currently includes dj khaled, Alicia Keys, fever 333and Rihanna. Owners of the sneakers will also receive a new documentary on the history of hip-hop.

Puma has stated that the release of the Mixtape collection aligns with this year’s broader celebration of 50 years of hip-hop.

RS-XL Mixtape sneakers are available for $130

The collection is available to purchase online or in-store at Puma, Foot Locker and Champs North American stores for $130 per pair.

Founder and CEO of Legitimate, calvin chanHe stressed that the collaboration shows the startup’s belief that blockchain technology does not need to be explicitly mentioned in its products.

“This collaboration marks the first time in history that brands of this caliber are leveraging next-generation technology to do more than sell a product. Collectively, we are helping to tell a story, elevate the voices of creators, and celebrate a movement that has captivated the world for half a century”.

In June, Puma collaborated with NBA star LaMelo Ball and the NFT project Gutter Cat Gang to launch a sneaker-based collection.

Through the collaboration, customers could purchase an NFT from the OpenSea marketplace and then exchange it for a physical pair of sneakers.

Likewise, the luxury fashion house Dior introduced a new line of men’s sneakers last month that leverages the Ethereum blockchain to offer a matching NFT.

The sneakers, called B33they are part of Dior Men’s Fall 2023 collection and were designed by the artistic director of Dior Menswear kim jonesthe company said in a tweet on Friday.

What sets these shoes apart is their unique online authentication system and the NFT that goes with it. Each pair of shoes will be linked to a “digital twin”, a matching NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain.