Jay Garrick’s Cast Revealed In The Flash Movie!

The Flash movie, which was released in theaters some time ago, has received mixed reactions, both positive and negative. However, several cameos in this movie managed to become a conversation among the fans. One of them cameo by Jay Garrick, who is Golden Age The Flash.

Many people think that the Golden Age Flash in this movie will be played by actor Teddy Sears, who actually plays this character in the CW version of The Flash series. However, the representation of the Golden Age of Flash in the film version is not very clear. But finally, director Andy Muschietti announced that the actor playing the character is none other than Jason Ballantine, The Flash’s VFX editor.

jay garrick the flashAndy revealed that he wanted to introduce the figure of Jay Garrick, so he discussed it with the VFX supervisor, DJ. The DJ then suggested that Jay Garrick be played by a figure with a real face, so the editor, Jason Ballantine, stepped in to play the Jay Garrick figure in the film.

Jay Garrick himself is one of the key characters in the world of DC Comics, he is an early version of The Flash, first introduced in the 1940s. As a superhero with superhuman speed, Jay Garrick is has won the hearts of fans for decades.

There is no further information on Jay Garrick’s future in the DCU after The Flash. However, it is very likely that this figure will not appear again, especially since the Co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, has announced the characters, films and series that will appear in the first chapter of DC Universe. But who knows, in the future we’ll see Jay Garrick in action on the big screen again, even if it’s just a cameo.

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