James Gunn leaks the Superman: Legacy timeline!

After serving as co-CEO of DC Studios with Peter Safran, James Gunn will immediately work on the first DC Universe reboot film titled Superman: Legacy. The film, which recently enlisted David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan to play Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is sure to repeat the Man of Steel’s live-action story in its universe. Now Gunn is back to bring some interesting news about the timeline and the initial focus of the story. Superman: Legacy which will be released in 2025.

Amidst the speculation and the very high enthusiasm of the fans for the film, some time ago Gunn has confirmed that the film Superman: Legacy I will not say the origin of Clark Kent. Rather than repeat the story of Superman when he was a baby, Gunn believes fans can immediately follow the story of a more mature Clark Kent. Probably around his early 20s, when Superman tries to live up to his legacy as a Kryptonian alien and a country boy raised by a couple of humans.

Superman Timeline: Legacy

reported since VarietySome time ago, James Gunn indirectly revealed that his film will tell the story of Clark Kent, who first meets Lois Lane at work. Now, via his personal Twitter account, Gunn reiterated that what he earlier meant was not ‘workplace origin story,’ but the timeline of Superman: Legacy which will start with Clark’s early years working for the Daily Planet media company.

As a reminder, Gunn previously also explained that the movie Superman: Legacy In fact, he intended to tell the story of the superhero with great affection. “I wanted to tell a story that treats its characters with dignity and compassion. I will present the best, most powerful and most moving story that I can tell. Whatever you feel when you see it later, I’ll be fine as long as it works.” Gunn said.

With a chronology that begins with his beginnings as a journalist for the Daily Planet, as well as his first meeting with Lois Lane, Superman: Legacy seems to be expected to show Clark’s point of view as an alien trying to blend in with human life. We will see later how the surprise and emotion of the story in the film Superman: Legacy airs on July 11, 2025.

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