James Gunn gives details of the Rocket & Groot movie!

First featured in 2014 via Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1, Rocket Raccoon and Groot are important MCU characters loved by many fans. The character, voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel, was last seen in the film. I have 3 which tells the origin of Rocket as an experimental subject of High Evolution. While the origins of the two are pretty clear, not a few are also expecting a special movie for Rocket and Groot, including the creators of the franchise. GOTG namely James Gunn.

As loyal fans of the MCU, we all probably already know that Rocket Raccoon was originally a land animal whose body was used as a genetic experiment by Evolutionary. That’s why he can stand, move, talk, and even think like a human. On the other hand, Groot is a colossus of the alien flora from Planet X who meets Rocket before finally joining the Guardians of the Galaxy team. So the question is how did the two meet? It turned out that Gunn had just answered this, who revealed plans for a Rocket and Groot movie.

Rocket Groot movie

Recently through his social media account Threads, the director and writer of the franchise GOTG James Gunn tries to explain Rocket and Groot’s background, as well as talk about his short film, which was ultimately cancelled. According to him, at that time he had written the story of the first meeting between Rocket and Groot, who was imprisoned in a very deep well with a mysterious character named Tibius Lark. Gunn and his team even made a test video of the story and shared it at SDCC ahead of the movie’s release. GOTG First.

“I wrote a short film that explains how Groot and Rocket met. It has even been included in the storyboard, a site survey has been carried out [syuting], and we did some test shots (seen at SDCC, but removed from the trailer after 12 days of filming). But I never had time to do that because I was preoccupied with volume 1. In the story there are larks of Tibius, Rocket and Groot trapped in a dungeon on the ground.” he said.

After hearing the details about this short film, many fans on social media are hoping that the story of Groot and Rocket’s meeting can actually come true. Unfortunately, at this point, James Gunn himself can’t seem to do it anymore because he has officially served as co-CEO of DC Studios. The good news is that even though the movie was ultimately cancelled, Gunn still acknowledges the story as MCU canon.

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