It’s official, Mary Jane becomes the new superheroine of Marvel

From longtime fans to ordinary Spider-Man fans, you know who Mary Jane Watson aka MJ is. Peter Parker’s most popular love interest made his comic debut for the first time amazing spider man by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. in 1965. Since then it has appeared in many other media, including animated series, movies, and video games. Now, after nearly 60 years of traveling the Marvel Universe, Mary Jane finally has the chance to become a superhero.

In Marvel’s own multiverse, the MJ variant is often said to be a superhero. For example, like Spider-Woman in the Mangaverse or Spinneret on Earth-18119 that exists in Battleworld. But in the main universe, she’s actually just a talented model, actress, and businesswoman who’s close with Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. Now, Marvel has finally given Mary Jane her identity and superhero powers from her in the main universe. Precisely as a new superhero called Jackpot whose appearance details you can see below:

wonder mary jane

After Marvel has been dropping hints for about a year now, it’s finally confirmed that Mary Jane will make her debut as a superhero named Jackpot in the comics. amazing spider man Next #31 from Celeste Bronfman and Alba Glez. Through a character design created by illustrator Humberto Ramos, Mary Jane’s costume as Jackpot is inspired by the clothing of casino dealers. This is very much in line with her super power called ‘slot machine’.

The origins of Mary Jane’s new strength and identity began when she was trapped in another dimension, eventually leading her to a man named Paul. As Peter falls into the arms of Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat, on the other hand, Mary Jane decides to marry Paul. It was at this point that Paul created advanced technology in the form of a slot machine bracelet for Mary Jane that allowed her to gain random superpowers based on the image on the bracelet.

Mary Jane’s new identity as Jackpot has indirectly made many Marvel fans happy. Because she finally gets a bigger role as a superhero without having to rely on Spider-Man. We will see what the adventures of Mary Jane as Jackpot will be like. Comic amazing spider man #31 itself is scheduled for release on August 9.

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