It’s official, Maria Hill will return to this Marvel series!

The actress who played Maria Hill, Cobbie Smulders, stated that she would reprise her character in Disney’s latest animated project. The figure of Maria Hill has certainly become a name that is familiar to fans. She is a member of SHIELD and a trusted associate of Nick Fury. In several movies you can see how Maria Hill is always with Nick on a mission.

An example is in the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home, Maria Hill and Nick show up to help Peter Parker even though they are Talos and his wife. The most recent example is in the Secret Invasion series, where Maria Hill and Nick Fury together try to prevent an attack or invasion by Skrulls who are angry because they believe Nick Fury broke his promise to find a new planet.

However, Maria Hill had to experience bad luck at the end of the first episode of her series. At that moment, Gravik, who was disguised as Nick Fury, approached Maria Hill and immediately shot her. Maria Hill herself did not suspect anything because she thought that he was the real Nick Fury. And finally, she had to die because Gravik shot her. Even so, it turns out that Maria Hill will still be back in the new Marvel series, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

maria hill is back

This news was shared directly by the actress, Cobbie Smulders, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. According to him, she had just finished the voting process for the animated series. Maria also explained about the fate of Maria Hill’s character in the MCU.

I mean, I didn’t make that decision. I’m still working on the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated show; I actually got into a few episodes today. So I don’t know how or when she (Maria Hill) will come back, but I’m always ready to come back.

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Smulders has voiced the character of Maria Hill for the animated series. She also did the same in one of the episodes that aired last April. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a series that aired some time ago that tells the story of Luna Lafayette, a girl who accidentally opens a time vortex. As a result of this, a type of T-Rex dinosaur appeared in New York City.

Under the name Devil Dinosaur, Luna and the T-Rex work together to protect the Lower East Side from threats. However, in his adventures, Luna met many people like Maria Hill. In addition to Maria Hill, there is also an episode where Luna meets Dr. Bill Foster, whose voice is also full of Lauren Fishburne.

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