It’s official, director Barbie will be working on the new Narnia movie!

First released in the 1950s, the Chronicles of Narnia is one of CS Lewis’s popular fantasy novels that is often adapted into other media. One of these is the Disney film franchise that spawned three popular movies between 2005 and 2010. Now that thirteen years have passed since the last Disney film, it has been revealed that Netflix has officially appointed a film director. Barbie Greta Gerwig will work on two new films the Chronicles of Narnia what will come.

In 2018, CS Lewis’s company announced that Netflix had acquired the rights to the film adaptation. narnia. Since then, fans began to be curious about the new project. narnia which will reportedly continue the stories of the three Disney movies through a series of new live-action movies and series. Well now, after years of fleshing out the concept, it’s finally been revealed that Greta Gerwig will be writing and directing two of her new movies that are slated to be on Netflix.

narnia new movie

This announcement has just been confirmed by new yorkers who claims that the director Barbie is commissioned by Netflix to immediately lead two new film projects narnia. For now, it is still unknown what the details of the project will be. But in the novel itself. the Chronicles of Narnia It basically tells the adventures of a series of children who play a central role in helping the lion Aslan, also known as the King of Beasts, to fight evil in the fantasy world. narnia.

Considering that the novel itself has seven series of stories, and Disney has released a movie The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, prince caspianAND The Voyage of the Dawn Treader It is not impossible that Greta Gerwig will work on two films based on the fourth and fifth novels. everyone has the right the silver chair AND The horse and his child. But because Netflix also intends to work on a series narniait seems that the order may also change according to Netflix’s instructions in the future.

What is clear now are two new movies. The Chronicles of Narnia it is confirmed that he is in good hands according to most fans. Because Gerwig himself is known as a director who is good at presenting complicated stories in a lighter style. for example movies Little woman (2019) too Barbie It will hit theaters on July 19. for the project narnia Just announced, let’s wait for more news, geeks.

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