It’s official, Ben Affleck is cut from Aquaman 2!

Ben Affleck will reportedly not appear in Aquaman 2. The film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, also known as Aquaman 2, faces several challenges before the film’s release in late 2023. The film was delayed several times (originally scheduled for release in December 2022), and like The Flash, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom sat on the helm of three different Warner Bros. boards. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was originally approved under the leadership of Toby Emmerich and DC Films head , Walter Hamada, as a sequel to the film Aquaman (2018).

However, after Warner Bros. underwent several leadership changes, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom had to be reshot or reshot, because each of the former Warner Bros. leaders had their own vision. Especially after the movie was deemed bad after a limited release to be tested and given an initial evaluation. Despite the different views of the executives, it is not clear what the main problems are, but a source suggests that the story is the main problem.

Hamada (former head of DC Films) wanted the character michael keaton being like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, in which Keaton’s version of Batman could appear in a variety of films, including the now-canceled Batgirl, as well as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom itself. However, those plans fell through after Abdy and De Luca took over Warner Bros., and Ben Affleck joined the Aquaman 2 reshoots to replace Keaton’s Bruce Wayne.

And after the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was pushed back to The Flash, and David Zaslav was cast as the new Warner Bros. director, Affleck’s appearance was once again called into question. and agree the hollywood reporter, the latest version of the movie Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, also known as Aquaman 2, does not feature both versions of Batman, neither Ben Affleck nor Michael Keaton. The character was not shown because James Gunn, who became the new head of DC Studios, did not want to promise a universe that would not materialize, nor be tied to stories of universes that had failed in the past.

Of course, this is shocking news for DC fans. The reason is that fans have been waiting for Affleck’s appearance for the last time in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. And now we know that the character probably won’t appear. But there is still a chance that the movie will be reshot for the umpteenth time and bring back Affleck’s Batman character.

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